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The question needs to asked: Do you really have the stomach for a rebuild?

A question that needs to be asked: Do you really have the stomach and patience for a Cincinnati Reds rebuild?

You say you want a rebuild done the right way, finally, trading for maximum value in return at the trade deadline and infusing the system with young high ceiling talent that pushes the system to the 5th best in MLB.

But when push comes to shove the message from fans seems pretty clear. Prospects better perform immediately or they are busts, the Reds can't develop talent and it's the same old same old.

Hunter Greene-Nick Lodolo-Graham Ashcraft are in the second month of their second ML seasons. Let that sink it.

They have made a combined 83 ML starts, pitching a grand total of 439 innings. They are works in progress. Nobody is a finished product with fewer than 160 ML innings of experience.

Fans want to bail on Greene as a starter and make him a closer. They complain they don't see progress from him, despite a .259 ERA over his last 15 starts. Fans want a 3rd pitch right now. Today. From a guy that didn't pitch in college, missed a season to injury and another to Covid wiping out the minor league season.

Hunter struggles and some question his heart and mental toughness. Lodolo and Ashcraft struggle and it's time to fire the pitching coach.

As for hitter, the jury is already back with a verdict on Jose Barrero after 366 ML at-bats: Guilty. Bust. The same jury handed down a similar sentence to Nick Senzel about three weeks ago, and last year and the year before that.

I laughed last week when I noticed it was the anniversary of a big game-winning hit for Johnny Bench in 1968. He had entered the game batting .161 after his first 155 ML at-bats of his career.

I had an emailer demand Greene win more games.

Greene has two wins since last July. How much is that his fault with a 2.59 ERA in 15 starts during that span?

For fans wrapped up in a pitcher's W-L record, Luis Castillo started his career 13-19. Johnny Cueto started 20-25 4.61.

Hall of Famers Tom Glavine 9-21 and Greg Maddux 8-18 5.59. Randy Johnson walked 7.9 batters per 9 innings in his 2nd ML season 6.8 in his 4th and 6.2 in his 5th. Sandy Koufax was 36-40 in his first six seasons on his way to the Hall of Fame. Jamie Moyer 34-54 4.56 in his first six seasons, on his way to 269 wins.

How about hitters? Alex Rodriguez hit .225 with 62 K and 8 BB in his first two ML seasons/208 plate appearances. Mariners 2018 1st round pick Jarred Kelenic hit .181 as a rookie two years ago and .141 last year for a combined .168 in his first 500 ML at-bats over 147 games. This season: 298 with 7 HR and 16 RBI.

Whether you like it or not, whether you understand it or not, this rebuild started last July. Less than one year later fans want it completed. It doesn't work that way.

Prospects don't get ready when you want them ready.

Prospects should not be called up to sell tickets.

Prospect should not be called up because a ML player isn't performing.

Prospects should be called up when they are ready and can play everyday.

Just because we live in a microwave society, don't force the Reds prospects into the microwave, push start and pound on the top of it.

Heaven help the like of Elly De La Cruz, Matt McLain, Christian Encarnacion Strand, Andrew Abbott and others to follow up the chain.

I cringe thinking about what they will face from fans if they don't perform right away.

Don't make young players pay for the sins of ownership and your impatience.

It's just not fair.

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