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What is it about Hunter Greene?

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What is it about Hunter Greene and fans?

Look at these stats for Starting Pitcher X since last July 9....a span of 15 starts.

2.59 ERA

80 IN

66 H

113 K

27 BB

3 HR

Pretty impressive

Yet any sports talk radio/ social media comments don't seem to ever reflect what 23-year old Hunter Greene is doing with 31 ML starts and 159.1 career innings under his belt.

There is a weird comment section vibe about him. There seems to be an expectation, almost a demand, of perfection from every start.

It seems to come with a tinge of resentment, even an odd sense of actually rooting for failure.

He's grounded. He's got a good head of his shoulder. He embraces his role as a professional athlete within MLB and around the community. He's been blessed with a golden arm.

He's 23. Years. Old.

He's pitching in the second month of his second ML season.

I'd guess it was the contract he signed, but this vibe was present prior to this deal.

Is it a bleed over from feelings toward ownership?

I'd be willing to bet if those numbers were coming from an opposing pitcher than many would point to it as an example of how other organizations can develop young pitching.

What is it about Hunter Greene and the feelings generated towards him?

And heaven help the next batch of highly rated/highly publicized prospects that arrive in Cincinnati.

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