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32nd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

32nd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

Things that popped into my head this week..

This Reds team scraps with a grit, grind and effort that I enjoy. If only ownership had that same mentality.

I feel like I'd really enjoying sitting and having a beer with FC Cincinnati coach Pat Noonan.

New word pet peeve: "look" in starting each comment with...... 'look'

Words to live by: 'Flip flops are evil'. The Urgent Care nurse told me that when I showed up with a broken toe suffered on vacation in Hilton Head a few years ago. My foot slipped on a boat deck and then stuck. The flip flop divider snapped my toe.

Trevor Siemian is the most capable/accomplished backup QB to sign with the Bengals since Jason Campbell. Campbell arrived in 2014 with 79 NFL starts, 87 TDs, 60.1% completion rate an 81.8 QB rating.

I understand nothing when it comes to betting horse racing.

It's fair to wonder what else Matt McLain has left to prove at Triple-A. McLain has answered the challenge through 105 at-bats at the Triple-A level.

Christian Encarnacion Strand has just 44 at-bats at Triple-A. I'd think the Reds would like to see how he responds to the adjustments coming from pitchers.

I'm a big fan of Justin Vaive, the Cyclones captain. He's a former Miami Redhawk who was drafted by Anaheim in 2007. He's played 12 years and never appeared in an NHL game. I love his respect and appreciation for the game. He's the Crash Davis of hockey.

I've never understood how Oscar Robertson, one of the greatest basketball players of all-time, is so often referred to as Oscar Robinson. How? Why?

I'm always looking for cool/different guests/stories. I had The Glove Doctor on this week after hearing Dan Hoar mention him on his Bengals Booth Podcast. Email any ideas

The Alabama baseball gambling scandal is proof legalized betting works. The system and protocols in place detected the issue and shut it down. Would you rather sports gambling operate in the shadows and underground, like previously?

I'll believe Joe Mixon is on this team Week 1 when I see him on this team Week 1.

Add Nate Smith to my growing list of country music artists I enjoy.

Anyone else wear parachute pants in the 80's? Grey, with lots of zippers, for me.

May 5, 1978: I sat with my dad in the blue seats at Riverfront Stadium and watched Pete Rose collect hit No. 3,000. I was also in attendance for his return as player-manager and hit 4,192.

Between Jonah Williams, La'el Collins, Jackson Carman and Cody Ford, the Bengals will be OK at right tackle.

Had a blast joining the Dayton Dragons' TV booth last weekend. Longtime voice of the Dragons, Tom Nichols, is a true pro and one of the kindest/most helpful individuals you'll ever meet. I enjoyed meeting Dayton TV legend Jack Pohl! He was kind enough to give up his seat in the booth. Love that ballpark.

I wish I had a head shaped to wear a flat billed baseball cap. I don't.

Props to UC men's golf coach Doug Martin. The former PGA pro, in his 14th season in Clifton, has his teams headed to the NCAA regionals for the first time ever.

Joey Votto last played a rehab game on April...........14.

The only foreign language I've ever taken was Latin in high school. I do know my teacher was Mr. Bernie Barcio and I can count to 10.

Earlier this week, Williamsburg High School pitcher Timmy Carver tossed a no-hitter. That same day, Alyssa Vearil tossed a no-hitter for Williamsburg softball. Per listener Tim Maklem, the two are dating and found out about each other's accomplishments when they talked that night. That's a cool story.

I understand Jonah Williams reportedly being miffed over the Bengals signing Orlando Brown Jr. and deciding to move him to right tackle without speaking to him first. No, he doesn't get a veto in the matter. It's just a matter of respect. He's been a part of this team for five years, played through injuries and deserved a courtesy heads up. That's fair. If he were a fan favorite, fans would get that. He will be fine. He will start Week 1 at right tackle.

I watched Star Wars when it came out in 1977. I was 11 years old. I have not rewatched it or watched any movies related to it since. Not a big sci-fi guy.

We visited Yellow Springs last weekend. What a fun, cool, peace, love and laid back 60's vibe to the town. We shopped, enjoyed Yellow Springs Brewing and Young's Jersey Dairy. Highly recommend the visit. We hope to go back for PorchFest in September.

Xavier women's golf coach Breanna Jenco has a lone assistant on her staff. It's her father. I love that. Good luck XU at NCAA regionals on Monday in Westfield, IN.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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