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31st edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

31st edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

Things that popped into my head this week..

How unexpected was it that Myler Murphy was there at No. 28? I don't recall his name being mentioned by any guest, caller or me on Sports Talk.

If I were a professional athlete, I would not sign autographs for adults. Kids only.

Aren't the 15 minutes of fame up for 'Fake Ja'Mar Chase Guy'?

I was excited to find Topps baseball cards at the Ace Hardware in Independence. But $5.99 for a pack of 16 cards? So much for kids getting into the hobby.

FC Cincinnati started a 15 year old (Stiven Jimenez) Wednesday night and few seemed to make a big deal about it.

Have you ever sat and bet the over/under on the speed of pitches in a ML game? It's addictive.

Beck Warm is a cool name. He's the Cyclones goaltender.

I've stopped posting the Reds lineup. Diminishing returns. No real discussion, just people complaining.

When I was 13, I interviewed Reds Triple-A pitcher Jay Howell for a class project, "Life in the Minor Leagues". He sat with me in the stands at Busch Stadium in Indianapolis two hours before a game. I had my tape recorder and notepad and was nervous as could be.

The same people upset Reds ownership is fielding a bad team, blame David Bell for every loss and offers him no credit for any wins. I don't get that.

We've been trying Hello Fresh for three meals a week. We choose the meals and they are delivered each Thursday. Really good.

Will Benson is 2 for 26 w/ 17 K at Louisville....after 1 for 20 w/ 12 K for the Reds. What happened to that dude?

Do you ever just grow weary of society, in general?

The Bengals didn't disrupt the opposing QB enough last season. Myles Murphy should help disrupt the opposing QB. Murphy also allows them to add defense on the lower end of the salary cap, while paying to keep high priced offensive weapons. No brainer.

The easiest answer to when are the Reds calling up _______ is .......when they are ready. The Reds are not keeping guys in the minors to manipulate service time. They didn't hold back Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, India, Stephenson, Diaz, Steer.

Life in the minor leagues: The Cyclones bussed three hours to Ft. Wayne on Monday, practiced and played there Tuesday. They bussed back home after the game Tuesday. Then bussed back to Ft. Wayne on Thursday for Game 4 on Friday.

I don't understand why some people are bothered when I wear a baseball cap of other teams. I like hats. I like logos.

I ate dinner once at Shula's Steakhouse in Chicago. The menu was written on a football and placed on a kicking tee at the table.

Man, I missed Jeff Brantley went he wasn't in the radio booth last weekend.

Speaking of 15 minutes of fame being up: Momma Kelce.

Big week of listeners catching the podcast of my shows during their lunch hour. That's cool. Thank you.

I spent many high school Friday night's playing APBA baseball at Gary Hamblin's house on his screened in porch. It was me, Gary, Brady Beery and Brent Maurer. We'd make a run for a two liter of Coke and Little Caesar's pizza. Man, were we competitive!

Bryce Young looks like a defensive lineman could snap him into multiple pieces.

Congrats to Electric Indigo on their upcoming album. Big fans of a really cool group of guys we've seen perform at multiple venues around town. We caught up with them at Jet Age Records in Newport last weekend.

The people that tell me I should talk more about ______ never seem to be listening when I talk about _______. I need to do a better job with that.

I'd put Giovani Bernard among a small group of the classiest athletes I've ever dealt with.

Saving money and spreading the mulch ourselves seemed like a great idea. 50 bags later, not so much. I'm sooooooo sore.

Hey, James Rapien has a book out: Enter the Jungle: Photographs and History of the Cincinnati Bengals. Congrats.

Joey Votto last played a game two weeks ago, April 14.

Shout out Meghan Miller and Cassette Junkies. Great show at Hardrock last week!

My dear friend, Norm Van Lier, often said to me: "You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all the time.....and there is not a damn thing you can do about it."

It makes me sad to think about the good guys that Reds ownership has chewed up and spit out over the years: Dan O'Brien, Wayne Krivsky, Dave Miley.

We stumbled upon Sis's on Monmouth last week. Good food. Good live music.

Section 422 to 426 are my favorites seats at was a great view of the field for teaching Casey the game when he was growing up.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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