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28th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

28th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

Things that popped into my head this week

I am working on a streak of over 25 consecutive years being rejected by The Masters ticket lottery. Sigh.

One of the best investments I've ever made is the Sports Sync Radio that allows me to match TV video to our radio call of the Reds and all the local teams. (The company that makes them is currently out of stock and has been for a over a year).

I went old school this week and made a peanut butter and jelly (peach) sandwich for dinner this week.

Sacrifice bunts are dumb. Bunts for a base hit are awesome.

I appreciate the fact GABP vendors don't work the seating area anymore. No more views/aisles blocked, action missed, passing down the money of strangers and passing the change back. Instead, vendors are on the concourse and at the top of the entry to the seating bowls.

Easter Brunch prices are ridiculous.

I just can't imagine any scenario where Joe Mixon is with the Bengals next season.

Man, I wish I had the patience and time to play golf.

We replaced our sump pump this week (Shout out Arlinghaus!). Amazingly, it was 23 years old. It was fine. We just figured we were pressing our luck.

I've really enjoyed talking with FC Cincinnati's Nick Hagglund, Brandon Vazquez, Roman Celentano and Pat Noonan already this season. Props to FC Cincinnati media relations for making them available.

While working in TV in South Bend I got to cover the rehab assignment of Carlton Fisk with the South Bend White Sox and the debut season of A's phenom Todd Van Poppel. Man, when they came to town it was something else.

I have mastered the art of taking a quick and productive nap.

I find it odd when people use one of my Facebook posts to talk about, in many case criticize, something other than what my post is about. It would be like me interrupting your conversation with someone and changing the subject.

I currently have four different socks on top of my dresser that don't have a match. How is that even possible?

David Justice was one of the most unexpectedly enjoyable interviews that I've done in a long time.

As a convert to country music in recent years, I continue to stumble into songs I've missed over the years. 'Watching Airplanes' by Gary Allan (2007) is a chillingly fantastic song. A tribute to his wife who took her own live and was a flight attendant.

The Mets payroll is $353.5M. The A's payroll is $56.9M. I don't know how MLB expects to be taken seriously.

If I were in charge, fans movement from seats during Reds games would be limited to between half innings. That's already the case at some MLB parks.

Please keep Chad Brendel (Bearcat Journal) and his daughter Kelcie in your thoughts and prayers. Kelli (wife/mom) passed away this week at the age of 45 after lengthy battle with cancer. There is a GoFundMe set up to help with medical bills and funeral expenses.

I added an EGO battery powered leaf blower to my mower this week. The beauty is the batteries are interchangeable. The conversion is underway. Next stop edger/trimmer.

I went through the McDonald's drive thru and got a large Coke today. Man, did I enjoy it.

Jeremiah Davenport stayed at UC for four years, through a coaching change...and he busted his tail to proudly represent his city. I appreciate that more than those that seem excited by his departure to open a scholarship.

I can't think of may places I feel more out of my element than when I'm at a Home Depot, Lowes or hardware store. I really have no clue.

If you ever go to Reality Tuesday in Park Hills, get the breakfast sandwich: Toasted 16 Bricks wheat bread, toaded, with an egg patty, turkey sausage and cheddar cheese. Tell Teri and the gang I said hello.

While working in South Bend, I was fortunate to do radio play-by-play of the Indiana H.S. basketball tournament, from sectional play through regionals, semi-state, Final Four and the state title game each year from 1988-1992.

I can't be in the sun without sunglasses. I lose or sit on so many pairs that I buy cheap ones at Walgreens. I once won a pair of $350 Foster Grant sunglasses. Lost 'em soon after.

Just about every day I see something that makes me wonder what happened to the simple act of being kind.

I used to think it was dumb luck I always seemed to get a grocery cart with a bad wheel. I've accepted all the carts have a bad wheel.

Few TV shows have faded, yet remained on the air like Grey's Anatomy. The show jumped the shark two years ago when Meredith reconnected with Derek in her dreams, during her bout with Covid. That storyline played out over waaaaaaaay too many episodes.

I've developed an odd fascination with finding really good lunch meat. My latest find: Sahlen's smoked turkey. It's out of Buffalo (1869) and now sold at Loschiavo's in Park Hills.

Still not sure how Major League Baseball formed a union in 1966 under Marvin Miller, that changed the face of the game and the sport, and yet nobody figured out how to protect/help minor league players until a new CBA was finalized last week. Low-A players were making $4,800 dollars a year and some were packing 5-6 players into one bedroom apartments and using closets as bedrooms. How does that help the development of ML talent?

Remember, the upcoming NFL Draft is more than one round.

There are few things that reveal how much/little a person knows about baseball than having a conversation with them about Joey Votto.

Don't worry about things you don't care about

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