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25th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

25th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

Things that popped into my head this week.

Just because fans want to see a prospect right now doesn't mean that prospect is ML ready right now.

Survive and advance: Pretty ballsy comeback by a Xavier team that looked slow, dazed, down and about out trailing by 13.

ESPN's 'Get Up' had Orlando Brown in studio Thursday morning for a seven minute interview. They spent 1:26 of it asking him about the Bengals and the rest on Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers.

It's sad that cities like Birmingham, Albany, De Moines are hosting NCAA tournament games and Cincinnati can't because of a substandard arena. Heritage Bank Center opened a couple of years after Riverfront Stadium. Riverfront was demolished 21 years ago.

Joe Mixon and La'el Collins will be cut. It's not if, but when.

I spent three spring breaks in Panama City. I'll never forget two night clubs: Spinnaker and Club La Vela. I'd better save the stories for a book.

I'm a one bracket guy for March Madness. I've never understood the people claiming they picked an upset when it was on one of four sheets they filled out.

I mowed the yard yesterday. And so it begins. I've often pondered field turfing my yard.

Pro Football Focus grades carry way, way, way too much of the conversation today.

Wonder if the Reds could go with a three man rotation? Kidding. I think.

I'll admit it, I'm at a loss to understand the mechanics of most NFL contracts.

Heck of an effort by NKU vs No. 1 seed Houston. Tied with 12:00 to go.

Copy and paste this somewhere to remind you each year: Just as the NFL Draft is not just one round, free agency is not just one day.

The Wichita State AD is paying $60K for a search firm to find him a basketball coach. Search firms for coaches = the biggest con in sports. An AD that needs one, has not business being an AD.

Tag team weekend recommendation: Lunch at Rhinegeist taproom for beers and Local Cantina tacos/chips & guac. Then shop for dinner at Findlay Market.

I cranked up my car radio on the way home the last two nights to Rock & Rock Fantasy by Bad Company and Blue Collar Man by Styx!

It would not be possible for me to be more tired of Aaron Rodgers.

I wake up each day with a blank slate for building a three hour show/12 segments. There is nothing I'd rather do than put the pieces together for that puzzle.

The Bengals will not be as good at safety next year as they were this year. No matter who they sign or draft. That's the reality of a salary cap world.

Bob Huggins and WVU finished 19-15 this season, after 16-17 last season.....Also two losing seasons in his last five years. Yikes.

Former Villanova coach Jay Wright is really good in-studio on March Madness coverage.

I once wore a dress and rode a tricycle around Fountain Square after losing a bet when I made on 1160 BOB.

Wes Miller needs more talent and more scholarship openings. Which current players will he 'uninvite' to the Big 12?

My PFF yearly subscription of $79.99 just expired. Not sure I can justify the expenditure again. Not sure I believe in the numbers enough.

Sign Orlando Brown. Trade Jonah Williams. OK. But then how do you feel about right tackle?

So, UC fans are upset the administration didn't sit down over the summer and think......"we need to make sure 5th/3rd is available to potentially host a 2nd round NIT game in March?' Come on.

You know what I know about the broadcast of Reds game this season? 700 WLW will once again, carry all 162 games.

My last hangover was 1994. I had to be carried out of Galway Bar & Grill in Elmhurst, IL, my going away party when I left CLTV for WMVP radio. Lesson learned.

Big time thanks to those that listen to my show and interviews in podcast form at lunch, while working out, on their commute!

NKU had to average the deepest distance on three point shots I've ever seen in a CBB game. They missed 28 of 33 of them.

I'd highly recommend checking out music at The Southgate House Revival. It's an old church (circa-1866) with multiple levels and stages. We attended Rock 'N Revival last week and found three bands to add to our 'see again list: Junior Citizens, Jamwave and Softstone Hearts.

Instead of posting 'Who?" in the comment section, try Google. It's wonderful.

Not a bad week on Sports Talk: I loved the Bengals topics, the Top 100 Guy Movies, and guests like Sean Miller, Chris Mack, Jay Morrison, Charlie Goldsmith, Richard Skinner, Greg Christopher, Jim Kelch, Tom Nichols, Pat Brennan, Drew McDonald, Jeff Carr, Tom Gamble, Brian Fox.

While playing on the WBOB softball team, we were getting beaten by Carter Construction and they were laughing it up. I might have stepped onto the field, fired off some profanities and challenged all of them. When they starting walking towards me a station employee/former Bengal Bruce Kozerski, may have stepped in to save me.

If you are a college football or basketball coach that doesn't play a fun, fast, push it, sling it, shoot it style, I don't know how you expect to recruit players and fans in this day and age.

Look at it this way: What would you give up for Jonah Williams?

Ted Lasso is back! Every Wednesday for 12 weeks.

We live in a society that offers way more criticism for losing than credit for winning.

St. Patrick's Day is overrated.

I never thought I'd 25 editions of this feature. I stumbled into it. Thanks for reading!

Keep your guest and topic ideas coming. Email me:

Remember: Don't worry about the things you don't care about. That would include outrageous hot takes said by national talking heads that you don't watch to begin with.

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