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23nd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

23nd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

Things that popped into my head this week.

**A reduced version this week due to the two days I spent in bed with a bug. I clearly jinxed myself after touting two weeks ago I had not been sick since Covid for Bengals-Raiders playoff game.

I feel a calm and confidence in regards to the Bengals making major offseason decisions. Sure beats years and decades past.

When I worked at WSBT-TV in South Bend, I traveled with the Class-A White Sox on a week-long road trip to do a series on life in the minor leagues. My videographer and I got full access to the players and coaches. What an experience. I'll never forget the players getting $12 a day for meal money.

I consider The Athletic yearly subscription of $71.99 to be money well spent on really, really good writing. That's $5.99 a month/19-cents a day. You can get a free 7-day trial.

MLB games are still nine innings, three outs per half inning. Stop saying you want lower ticket prices for shorter games. For the life of me I don't understand why some can't grasp the pitch clock eliminates the DEAD time in the game.

We celebrated Casey's 23rd birthday this week. When he was three years old doctors gave him a 15% chance of survival. We are very blessed.

I think it's safe to say Joe Mixon has played his final game in a Bengals uniform.

That NFLPA report card matters because it's the current Bengals player's voting. Not outsiders. Not former players. The insiders. You many think some of the items are trivial. Clearly, the Bengals don't. They are one of two teams that do not provide vitamins, and they are the only team that doesn’t provide supplements? No family room for mother's to nurse during a game? Seriously? The NFL is all about the arms race. You need to at least have what the others have.

Ever been to Wagner's Village Inn in Oldenburg, IN? The family owned restaurant won the American Classic Award from the James Beard Foundation. They are one of only six restaurant's in the country recognized this year— winning for the Great Lakes Region for its fried chicken — cooked in a cast-iron skillet. It's on our list!

Kelly's response when she saw me up and moving around this morning: "Our whole house smells like Vick's Vapor Rub. Ah, the smell of my childhood.
PS... rubbing it on your bare feet and putting on socks does not work.

Apologies in advance for not being able to answer your TV questions related to the Reds. I work on the radio side of the industry.

So many MLB 'traditionalists' yearn for the 'good ole days. MLB returns games to the pace of the 1950-1980's, brings the stolen base and athleticism back to the game. More action. Critics still complain. Go figure.

I'd love to have Hayden Hurst back. I'd set a price, not budge on that price, and see how much he wants to chase a ring with Joe Burrow.

Who shrunk the Girl Scout cookies? I bought three boxes. The cookies are about the size of a silver dollar. And there's like 9 cookies per wrapper.

The option of listening to the local broadcast of FC Cincinnati/MLS with the Apple TV package was a primo decision. It was great watching and hearing Tommy G. and Kevin McCloskey AND having it already synced up to video.

No way any NFL team give big contracts to two linebackers, at least no smart one. Germaine Pratt will go. Logan Wilson will eventually get an extension.

I wish people would stop referring to MLB's extra inning runner as a 'Ghost Runner'...there is an actually runner....he's right there out at 2B.

Food tip I: We had Casey's birthday dinner at Third in Main in Aurora for the 7th consecutive year. Just. A. Fantastic. Place.

The question isn't whether or not Elly De La Cruz starts the year at the ML level. It's whether he starts a Double-A or Triple A. Remember, he just turned 21 in January. He has 47 total games at Double-A.

Sorry, just can't get into combine shuttle and three-cone times. I'll leave it to the scouts.

I didn't have coffee for two days while I was sick. I could tell. I am addicted.

We are certainly going to have a lot more time to talk on Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings this year. I love it.

Jessie Bates ain't coming back. That makes Vonn Bell the most important offseason signing for this team. He's in the catbird seat.

Guests this week included: Alex Redwin, Bassmaster fishing, Doug Martin UC Golf, Jon Kitna, NKU basketball Darrin Horn, Cyclones captain Justin Vaive, NKU's two grand slam guy Liam McFadden-Ackman, NKU baseball coach Dizzy Peyton, Catherine Baxter, the CEO of a Pickleball Paddle company, Tommy G talking FC Cincinnati, Mike Petraglia talking Bengals. Keep the topic and guest ideas coming. Email me

Food tip II: Kremer's Market (Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs) has a fantastic salad bar. We try to stop by on the weekend to grab dinner. Two salads/Total: $14. Give me a salad bar with garbanzo beans and I'm good to go.

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