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22nd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

22nd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life

Things that popped into my head this week.....

I follow sports and my teams for the fun of it, the escape and the possibilities. That often requires digging deep for the optimism. If you can't find optimism in spring training/pre season you should really just pick another team. Life is too short to be unhappy at 0-0.

FC Cincinnati is ranked No. 4 in the MLS Power Rankings. No. 4...out of 29 teams. A legit threat to win the MLS cup. Amazing. Prior to last season, they had finished 24th-26th-27th.

I'll say this, Elly De La Cruz certainly looks the part.

The position of running back has been devalued around the NFL in recent years. So why do some people want the Bengals to draft Texas RB Bijan Robinson in the 1st round?

Xavier looks worn out and suffering from a confidence hit. Can the return of Zac Fremantle get them back on track?

Give UC credit, for a frustrating as the season has been they have figured out how to win at the end of their last two games. And with 19 wins, they have exceeded their win total of a year ago.

Nothing better than stumbling into a show topic like Buc-ee's! That was fun.

Nick Krall didn't add much to the Reds this offseason, but the most intriguing add is Will Benson. Can't wait to see what happens. He could be a classic change of scenery/late bloomer candidate.

I use to hand write a neighborhood newspaper when I was a kid. I went house to house gathering family news/vacation highlights. I’d have my dad make copies at his office and I’d put a copy in mailboxes.

MLS games are only on Apple TV? Ok.

I twirl my Skyline 3-way.

Each February, I think of attending Reds Baseball Heaven with my dad in 2006. We played on the same team, managed by Jack Billingham. My dad scored the winning run in the championship game and I went 14 for 28.... using a pinch runner for my tweaked hamstring. What a week.

I did it. I muted words on Twitter for the first time ever: Aaron Rodgers.

The Reds payroll is small. Rebuilding teams have small payrolls because they have young players.

The Tee Higgins offseason storyline is not a storyline. I wish people would stop talking about it.

I don't know how writers do it for a living. So few people seem to actually read beyond a headline, or Tweet.

FC Cincinnati coach Pat Noonan seems like a guy I'd enjoy kicking back and having a beer with.

The coaching shelf life of Jim Boeheim expired a while ago. Too bad he's too arrogant to realize it.

I wish all pro sports would just concede all-star games don’t work, anymore. 

I can't be the only one bored by the 'where ya gonna go?"...."sell the team, Bob"... "when is he going to be traded?" crowd. It's spring training.

The college basketball season started November 7. The season is waaaaaay too long. 

Really happy to hear Tom Gelehrter and Kevin McCloskey will be broadcasting FC Cincinnati games on ESPN. I’ve listened to them since sitting in the stands at Nippert as a season ticket holder during the USL days. 

We are six episodes in on The Last of Us. I did not anticipate liking it this much.

UC freshman Dan Skillings is going to be really....really good.

No, the Bengals are not signing Bobby Wagner.

I like two XFL rules. 1. Instead of an onside kick, teams trailing in the 4th quarter can attempt a 4th and 15 play for their own 25-yard line. 2. A team that fumbles the ball through the end zone retains possession from the spot of the fumble. Unlike the NFL rule that awards possession to the defense at the 20-yard line.

We took Peyton to brunch Sunday in Louisville. I highly recommend The Morning Fork. Get the Veggie Breakfast Burrito and add chicken sausage, or the MF’n Breakfast Sandwich.

Don't worry about things you don't care about: This week's example....what's on the cover of the Reds Media Guide.

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