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20th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

20th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

Things that popped into my head this week.

Say it with me: Super Bowl......Saturday.....Night! Come on NFL. Try it. One time.

We are excited to check out the band Blackberry Smoke Saturday night in Lawrenceburg......and dine at Whisky's for the first time.

Hey, not sure if you've heard, but Travis and Jason Kelce are brothers, they attended UC....and.... their mom is attending the game.

If the Reds were really counting on Tejay Antone in 2023 then I have another question for Nick Krall. Why?

I'll never understand why TV news directors have reporters stand outside with nothing going at the location just to do a live shot at 11pm.

I'm perplexed why fans expect Joe Burrow to take a hometown discount on his 2nd contract. Did Patrick Mahomes? This is on the Bengals to figure out. Not Joe.

It's nice to watch a Xavier team that wins close games (7-1 last 8 decided by 5 points or less) and gets better as the season goes on.

LeBron James is a better passer, rebounder and shooter than Michael Jordan. Not an opinion. Look it up.

When I covered Notre Dame for WSBT-TV, Lou Holtz always had two requests: He didn't want us to shoot practice video of him smoking his pipe (didn't want kids to see) and whenever he came to the station we had to have a Diet Coke for him.

Really happy for the family of Ken Riley. Really cool that a player I grew up watching is being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

I noticed the Pacers are doing a UK Hat Night promotions tonight. I've never understood why the Pacers can't market Cincinnati. Especially when David West, Lance Stephenson and Edmond Sumner were playing there. The Pacers play 112 miles from Cincinnati, our closest NBA team. Cleveland is 249 miles away. The NBA territorial marketing policies are silly.

If the Bengals keep Joe Mixon who is the pass protector in that running back room? No way are they are paying Samaje Perine.

UC blew a 13 points first half lead at Tulane and allowed 78 points in the second half and OT. That's 78 points in 25 minutes of basketball? One step forward, two steps back. That team isn't particularly high in basketball IQ or in toughness.

We are circling back around to resume watching Mad Men. We left off in Season 2 a number of years ago. I don't even remember why. So good.

I'll admit to tears in my eyes when Damar Hamlin walked onto the NFL Honors stage and hugged the UC medical team and Bills and Bengals medical staffs.

I did radio play-by-play for Carmel H.S. sports, Butler basketball and football, the South Bend HS game of the week, and then in Chicago for several DePaul basketball games on TV. I figured that was the path my career would stay on.

Sending thoughts and prayers to Sean Casey's fiance, Sarah. She's battling breast cancer. Casey and I traded text with Sean this week. All four of us had a chance to hang out at the Field of Dreams game this year.

The whole 'where ya gonna go?" phrase in comment sections and replies was once cute, kinda funny. It's now tired. Find new material.

'Wait in the Truck' by Lainey Wilson and HARDY is a chillingly fantastic song.

NFL teams that pay multiple superstars better draft well. See Kansas City and their draft class this year.

If I had one play to win the game and could throw it to Chad Johnson or AJ Green, I'm throwing it AJ's way. I'd trust he'd run the right route.

New word phrase on my pet peeve list: "100%" ....used to show agreement with something. I might start using 74.5%.

I once went riverboat gambling with former Chicago Blackhawk Jeremy Roenick. I met him when he was a guest on my TV show in Chicago.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, AJ Green might be the most humble star I've ever met.

If you use rings to judge greatness, where do you rank guys like Will Perdue (NBA) and Chuck Knoblauch (MLB), who have four each?

There is such an odd jealousy and resentment that lives inside of some people when it comes to Joey Votto. This week it came out because he plays chess.

During college, I hosted a weekly 'Coaches Corner' show for WYIC at a breakfast spot in Noblesville, IN. It was an hour long Saturday morning show with area high school football coaches. They joined me to talk about their game the night before. Loved that show. Always thought it would work around this area.

I'll take Eagles 24-20.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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