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Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, movies, food, life and more

My Random Thoughts: 17th edition

Things that popped into my head this week: Sports, TV, music, movies, food, life and more

Peyton is going to study abroad near Amsterdam next fall semester, at Maastricht University. I'm going to need a minute. And a drink. Or two.

Interesting admission by Jonathan India this week on Reds Hot Stove. He said he added weight in an effort to hit home runs last year and it slowed him down and it led to the hamstring injury. He called it a rookie mistake. He's now lost the weight and wants to be a guy that's athletic, flies around the bases and turns singles into doubles.

Two of my first album purchases growing up were Foreigner Four and Tattoo You.

There is no question in my mind that Joe Burrow's next contract is more about the organization needing to 'pay the man' than it is about Burrow 'taking a hometown discount' to keep talent around him.

XU sure can score (83.5 points/No. 13 NCAA). But did you realize they ranked 322nd of 363 teams in points allowed per game, 75.0?

We enjoyed Shiners on the Levee. Good BBQ. Large portions. Decent price. Live music. It was a pleasure meeting owner Kevin Daly. They've got it going on there. Place was hopping. Maybe we will have to learn to line dance?

I have three vices: (1) I only use a uniball Vision Elite pen for my show (2) I drink coffee to start the day (3) I always have a Blistex lip balm with me.

I was recently asked about the 1160 BOB lineup ('97-'00). It was The 2 Angry Guys 6am-10am, Me 10am-1pm, Big Dog Tim Lewis 1pm-4pm and Lap & Fish 4pm-7pm. Man. What a fun group.

UC (No. 82 NET) has won 11 of 14...But they are 0-4 vs Quad 1 and 0-0 vs Quad 2. Their best NET win is No. 99 Tulane.

I could not tell you a Kid Rock song beyond "All Summer Long", but that's a hell of song when you are driving.

I don't care about Eric Weddle and I certainly don't care what he has to say about the Bengals.

My first paying part-time job in this business was working the Friday overnight shift at WIBC in Indianapolis when I was in college. I monitored the nationally syndicated shows (Bruce Williams/Sally Jesse Raphael) and got to read weather and sports twice an hour between 12am-7am.

Kelly bought us one of those Roomba type vacuums. I'm not convinced.

Former Notre Dame basketball coach Digger Phelps is the only coach/manager I've ever really gotten into it with. He didn't like my criticism of his coaching. I didn't like the arrogance from someone that was 28-33 in his final two seasons. We went nose-to-nose in the locker room when I was doing postgame interviews with LaPhonso Ellis and Joe Fredrick.

12 years after getting on Instagram, I got a blue check this week to verify my account. No idea why now. You can request verification once a month. I'm on Twitter and Instagram @ lancemcalister.

Do the Bengals lock up Logan Wilson or Germaine Pratt? Can they spend on both?

If I hadn't gone into broadcasting I think I would have pursued sports information/media relations with a college, minor league or pro team.

I was a big fan of Steven Seagal movies. Kelly once bought me a box set of his movies on DVD. 'You can take that to the bank....the blood bank.'

Remember: Don't worry about what you don't care about.

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