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Bengals: Putting success in perspective

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The Bengals tied a franchise mark with 22 combined regular season wins over consecutive seasons.

22 wins over 2021 (10-7) and 2022 (12-4)

22 wins over 2014 (10-5-1) and 2015 (12-4)

Let's put 22 wins over consecutive seasons in perspective: The Bengals won fewer than 22 games over FOUR combined seasons on four occasions.
(Since going to 16 game schedule 1986).

21 (2016-2019)
19 (2017-2020)
19 (1997-2000)
14 (1991-1994)

They won fewer than 22 games over FIVE combined seasons on two occasions:
21 (1991-1995)
19 (1998-2002)



The Bengals have won back-to-back division titles for the first time in franchise history.

The Bengals won the 1981 AFC Central and finished atop the Central again in 1982. But because the 1982 shortened season included only nine regular season games for each team, the NFL announced that the three divisions in each of the two conferences would be eliminated for the purpose of determining playoff qualifications, and the regular season would be followed by an expansion of the playoffs from 10 to 16 teams. 

The Bengals have won a franchise tying eight consecutive regular season games.

The Bengals won eight straight games to begin the 2015 season. They won eight in a row including the final seven games of the 1970 season and opener of the 1971 season.

The Bengals won a franchise tying 12 regular season games (2015, 1988, 1981)

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