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My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, movies, food, life and more (16)

My Random Thoughts: 16th edition

Things that popped into my head from Sports, TV, music, movies, food, life and more

A year ago at this time we were hoping the Bengals could end a string of 31 years and over 11,000 days since their last playoff win. One year later, we are expecting a return to the Super Bowl. My how times have changed.

As scary as the Damar Hamlin situation was last week, it was pretty cool to be reminded how awesome sports and people can actually be. I just wish people could maintain that sense of kindness and appreciation.

Apathy certainly hasn't set in with Reds fans. When I posted something here about the Reds....look out. Fans are clearly angry. But fans certainly still care.

I'd think the Ravens would be very pleased to hear how much Bengals players, fans and media have talked about their chippiness in last week's game. #HeadGames.

Sure seems like a quiet 10 game win streak and rise to No. 12 in the rankings for Xavier.

Sunday is National Hat Day. I'm a big hat guy. I have a closet full that hang on hooks. I rotate them through three levels. I have my top line hats for normal daily wear. 2nd level hats for when I run. 3rd level hats for lawn mowing.

Prior to getting my first home computer ('98), I would sit in the Covington library and read the sports page from various cities looking for topics. I'd drop a dime in the Xerox machine to make a copy of stories I was going to reference on the show.

We started watching Tulsa King with Sylvester Stallone. Not bad.

Zac Taylor, Sean McDermott and Bengals and Bills players should be praised for not wanting to play the MNF game....and standing up to the NFL. Not criticized by fans with a sense of entitlement towards athletes.

I had UC coach Scott Satterfield on the show this week. I was impressed with his ability to articulate his vision and plan.....and what he's been able to scramble to accomplish in his first 37 days.

I didn't drink coffee for the first 40 years of my life. Now, my day does not really start until I've had my first cup.

We stumbled into a PlayStation 5 that became available and we bought it for Casey for Christmas, two years after our pursuit began. He's giving me his old PS4. For the first time in a long, long time, I'm a gamer. I got Madden this week. Casey informed me I could simply buydownload need to go buy the actual game.

Band watch: We are checking out Gee Your Band Smells Terrific at Hard Rock Cafe tomorrow night.

They sure have scaled back Hank Voight's role on Chicago PD this season.

XU has five guys score at least 20 points in a game this season, including highs of 29 by Freemantle, 26 Boum, 25 Nunge, 22 Jones and 21 Kunkle. Wonder how many teams can say that?

Here's yet another 'I'm old' moment: Kenyon Martin's son will participate in the NBA Slam Dunk contest.

I'm going to keep repeating this: The Bengals and Bills both played the same number of games. The Bills won one more game. The Bills get homefield. Simple.

Today is National Sticker Day: When I was a kid, I wrote to ML teams and asked them for team stickers. I'd put them on my school notebooks.

A while back I wondered here how much longer the 11pm TV news model was sustainable. Ch. 9 has moved Craig and Tonya off their 11pm to focus on 5-6:30. Makes sense.

Food watch: We are checking out Shiners on the Levee Saturday night.

We finally moved on from a 10+ year old mattress. Understanding sleep is about 1/3 of our day, we made a sizeable investment in one at Sleep Outfitters last week. Man, what a difference a good night sleep makes.

Reminder from last week: Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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