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My thoughts on what the NFL has done and the impact on the Bengals

My thoughts on what the NFL has done and the impact on the Bengals

I get it. I get why Zac and the Bengals are ticked with the NFL. I get that it feels like the Bengals took a hit for being compassionate and not wanting to play. I get the NFL rewrote rules on the fly. 

We discussed this all week: No decision was going to be fair to all. These are unique, unprecedented circumstances. We knew some team(s) would wind up on the short end of the stick. When it looked like no MNF game meant the Bengals were champs of the AFC North we loved it.

Now….not so much.

Zac is ticked. Players are ticked. Hey, if it makes this 'Bengals vs the world'….puts a chip on their shoulder…..makes them feel disrespected…gives them more motivation….great. 

I defer to a Bengals tweet stating: Anyways, bring on the Ravens 

I defer to a Ravens tweet today of an imagine of their coin toss for the last Bengals at Ravens game that states: Ravens W + Chargers W + Coin Toss W = Ravens home playoff game.

Oh baby, it’s on. 

You may think, want and even demand the MNF game be finished....for personal reasons, gambling reasons, fantasy reasons...whatever reason. 

You know what...the league, teams and players WERE NEVER, EVER going to finish that game. Stop it. Accept that and move on.

The coin flip concept is a silly reality TV show creation of incentive by the NFL. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the league calls for that coin toss to happen prior to Sunday’s game to raise even more drama! But you know what? If the Bengals do what they should, they win Sunday as a 9.5 point home favorite, nobody has to call heads or tails… and we forget about the silly idea of league generated drama. 

That should be the focus.

If the Bengals lose at home to the Ravens Sunday, you know who will deserve blame? The Bengals. And if they have to go to Baltimore next week as a result, do you know who will deserve blame? The Bengals 

As for looking even further ahead: The Bengals and Bills play the same number of regular season games. If the Bills win one more game why shouldn't the Bills host a playoff matchup between the two? The higher seed is host of playoff games. What am I missing?

And do people really think a guess/decision should be made that the Bengals would have won a football game after 9 of 60 minutes of game action from MNF? That's odd. Bills have scored more 2nd QT points than any team in the NFL…doubling their opponents (147-73) 

Remember, the Bengals can still earn the No. 2 seed with a win Sunday AND Bills loss vs Patriots. Both would be 12-4 and the Bengals would win the 5th tiebreaker, Strength of Victory.

Again, I get it. I do. The Bengals had control of their destiny for the No. 2 seed going into MNF and have now lost it…which would have guaranteed a home game in the divisional round. So I understand why they're ticked off. 

And I get the unevenness of these two scenarios:

**The division champion Bengals could have to play on the road next week. Lose Sunday and a coin toss would decide home-field for a (3) Bengals vs (6) Ravens playoff matchup. Why? Because the two division opponents didn't play the same number of games.


**The Chiefs (2) could meet the Bengals (3) in the divisional round and it would be played at Arrowhead. There would be no coin toss opportunity to host. Despite the Bengals beating the Chiefs this season.


I do get it.

You know what .........&*%$ happens.

And keep in mind the Ravens were stripped of a chance at No. 3 and AFC North title by these NFL maneuverings.

Heck, I wonder if the NFL would put the Cincinnati Bengals back on MNF next week to cap the three day opening weekend of playoffs?

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