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My Random Thoughts

If I was offered the choice of a 6-6 UC football record next year in the Big 12, or I could take my chances, there is no question I'd take 6-6.

I still have people that want to say 'same old Bengals' when something goes wrong. Have they been paying any attention to what Zac Taylor, Elizabeth Blackburn and Joe Burrow have done to this organization?

Given the 2023 payroll parameters he's been given, and with Votto and Moose making $43M this year, what exactly would you like Nick Krall to do with this roster?

I look forward to buying a desk calendar at Staples each December. There is something about the sense of wiping the slate clean and starting over with a fresh year of events/reminders to write down.

We checked out The Filson Queen City Kitchen & Bar. That's a strong add to The Banks! Get the Colonel DB's Crispy Chicken and the Chicken Milanes.

I really miss the pitter-patter of feet from when Casey and Peyton use to run down the hall to our bedroom Christmas morning.

Two of the Reds credibility checkpoints this offseason included moving on from Aristides Aquino and Mike Moustakas. Check and check.

We saw Cassette Junkies perform at Hard Rock Cincinnati last week. Love their 'cassette era' playlist from the 70's and 80's. And Meghan Miller sang a hell of a version of Please Come Home for Christmas.

If the Reds didn't think they could compete in today's economics they should have taken a stand and been willing to vote against the new collective bargaining agreement. Even it the vote was 29-1 in favor of a deal to end the lockout, the Reds could have pointed to their vote.

I think our next obsession is seeing 50 bands within 50 miles of home. Got any recommendations?

I heard "Ghost In You" (1984) by The Psychedelic Furs this week and it took down the wormhole of YouTube. What a band.

I can't imagine Evan Prater doesn't see the writing on the wall and transfers.

Saying "print the playoff tickets" or "World Series here we come" after each Reds transaction isn't funny. It's dumb.

XU's Souley Boum has to be a Top 5 transfer in CBB, if not higher. He's avering 17 points, 4 rebounds 5 assists, and shooting 53% from the field and 53% from three-point territory.

I'll never understand this: Big bodies collide at the line of scrimmage. 60 something year old officials come running in with 1st down chains. The mass of bodies are unpiled. The football is spotted? You can’t tell me there isn’t a better way to do this. It’s 2022. Not 1962.

I love that sports wagering is coming to Ohio. I can't believe that come January 1 I will still have to drive to Indiana or Ohio to do it.

I'll miss seeing Jake Ryle on Channel 9. A younger version of an old school reporter. Excellent storyteller. It was never about him, it was about the story. Good luck to him on what's next.

Duke Tobin and his scouting department certainly whiffed a lot 2015-2018. But give them credit for building a roster with the depth and DNA it currently has.

Kelly watches General Hospital. It's amazing to think Laura, Robert Scorpio and Scotty Baldwin have been on that soap opera since the days I watched at Butler in the 80's with Luke & Laura and the Cassadine weather machine. PS...I'm a big fan of Carly and Sonny.

How about UC sophomore big man Victor Lahkin? 18 points/15 rebounds vs Detroit. Averaging 13 points/8 rebounds. Props John Brannen for finding him in Russia.

Dessert recommendation: Laura Weckbach works at Longnecks and makes cheesecake out of her home. They are sold at the three Longnecks locations. Her Facebook page for orders is Weckbakes. She is absolutely fantastic. We order for birthdays and got an Oreo Cookie for Christmas.

Season 3 of Jack Ryan is back on Prime! I still struggle with John Krasinski as someone other than Jim from The Office, and it's a complicated plot this season, but we enjoy it.

Carrying three catchers will certainly allow the Reds to slide Tyler Stephenson to DH and 1B a lot more often in 2023.

DJ Reader is clearly one of the most impactful defensive tackles in the NFL...when he plays. To be fair, in terms of the Pro Bowl, he's also missed 43% of the season (6 of 14 games).

I have not watched more than a couple of minutes of any bowl game this season.

Good service can be hard to find these days. Big shout out to Lydia, our Hard Rock Cafe server, and Natalia at The Filson. Both were outstanding, very helpful, very friendly on busy nights last week.

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