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My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, movies food, life and more

My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, movies food, life and more

Things that popped into my head this week.

We worry way too much about what national NFL media says about the Bengals. Many don’t know Jack about the Bengals. I kind of get it, they have to keep track of 32 teams.

Kelly and I watched an LA punk rock band, Starcrawler, at Top Cats on South Vine last weekend. Wait, what? Yep. Pretty wild and fun show. It was nice to veer out of our lane. Oh, and the conversation we had about what to wear that night.

Forget the financial investment ask, how do the Reds expect fans to emotionally invest in all the prospects when so many players have been traded the last two years?

If I had a dollar for everyone that wanted Joe Mixon benched I'd have a lot more dollars than yards he rushed for Sunday (96). Last two full games for Mixon: 36 carries/249 yards (6.9), 4 TD, 6 catches/68 yards TD.

Fans have an odd disconnect when it comes to athletes and injuries. Is the 'just rub some dirt on it' mentality based on the money the players make?

Gone In 60 Seconds (2000) is an underrated movie with an excellent cast.

I will always wonder what if Kerry Coombs had been named head coach of the Bearcats?

42 years.....all at Channel 5 for George Vogel? That's a hell of a run.

They'll make a movie about Brock Purdy someday. I love stories that disrupt the NFL scouting model.

The way things are going, bowl games beyond the CFB's 12-team playoff games will dry up and die in two years.

Former Reds' Top 100 prospects Taylor Trammell and Jeter Downs are very cautionary tales when we speak of top prospects.

Remember the colored seats at old Riverfront Coliseum? I loved watching Robbie Ftorek and the Stingers and Pat Cummings and the Bearcats when I was a kid.

Miami basketball scheduled and beat Calumet College of St. Joseph in Whiting, IN.....enrollment of 523. Stop it.

I wish more coaches would learn from Mike Leach and not take themselves so seriously, and not overcomplicate what they do. They are coaches. They coach.

Asking you to listen 6-9pm each night is a big ask. It makes my day when I hear from listeners that listen to the podcast of Sports Talk, Bengals Line, The Roundtable Show and interviews. Thank you.

ICYMI.......My Heisman ballot: 1. Caleb Williams, 2. Max Duggan, 3. CJ Stroud.

R.I.P Louis Orr. Man, I watched him at Market Square Arena when we had Pacers season tickets growing up. He played on teams with Herb Williams, Billy Knight, Mike Bantom, George McGinnis, Jerry Sichting, Don Buse.

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