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My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, movies, food, life and more

My Weekly Random Thoughts

Things that pop into my head about sports, TV, music, movies, food, life.....and more

Considering the game situation, the play call, the throw and catch, I'd be hard pressed to think of a better non-scoring play in Bengals history than Burrow to Higgins 3rd & 11 with 1:59 left from KC 28-yard line and a three point lead.

The Reds lost 100 games and then lost the lottery. Figures.

I have no idea how it will ultimately play out, but I'm fascinated watching Deion Sanders and what's happening at Colorado.

What's up with the UD Flyers? They are 5-5, 0-5 on the road, with all five starters and 89% of their offense back from last year's 24-11 team. They are No. 187 in NET rankings following Wednesday's 28 point loss at Virginia Tech.

It's December and Zac Taylor has this offense humming and this team playing its best football. Props.

Two-time Heisman trophy winner Archie Griffin was my favorite CFB player growing up. I stood in line for two hours at a mall in Columbus to have him sign a poster after his second Heisman in 1975.

I'll say Xavier by a sizeable amount in the Crosstown Shootout.

I can't reveal my Heisman vote until after the announcement. I can tell you my ballot includes three players that are among the four finalists.

Ever stop and consider the coaches/interim coaches churned through UL basketball/football since 2017? Rick Pitino, David Padgett, Chris Mack, Mike Pegues, Kenny Payne, Bobby Petrino (2nd time), Scott Satterfield and now Jeff Brohm.

The Howard Stern HBO interview with Bruce Springsteen is simply fantastic.....such compelling TV.

Do you realize the last three Ernie Lombardi Award winners (MVP) for the Reds have moved on that offseason? Trevor Bauer, Nick Castellanos and Kyle Farmer.

Pretty wild that Joe Burrow has 16 TD and 0 INT against teams outside the AFC North year and 9 TD and 8 INT vs team inside the AFC North.

I correctly predicted the five finalists for The Voice. That's a strong group.

For anyone complaining about OSU getting back into the playoff field after being blown out by Michigan, exactly who did you think was more deserving of that spot?

If I could recommend two 80's sports movies: Vision Quest and All The Right Moves.

Longtime listeners may recall my nickname, 'Shotgun'. Gary Bruce, my boss at 1160 BOB, pinned it on me, without asking. I came into work my first day in 1997 and 'Shotgun McAlister' was on my mailbox. He said it was because I fired off a lot of opinions.

Understand that any free agent(s) the Reds sign this offseason are going to be filler/stopgap/bridge guys until prospects are ready. Think Tommy Pham, Colin Moran, Mike Minor, Hunter Strickland Round 2.

I've always considered myself so fortunate to grow up in this town and to be able to return after 17 years away in 1997. How about Kevin Huber? Grew up here, high school here (McNicholas), college (UC) and 14 seasons here with the Bengals. All 37 years here. Incredible.

I wonder how your feelings towards Bob/Phil Castellini compare to your feelings towards Mike Brown back in the day?

Listening to 80's on 8 on SiriusXM the other night, I heard Sylvester Stallone originally wanted Queen's 'Another One Bites the Dust' for Rocky III. But he could not secure the rights. He then heard the band Survivor and ask if they'd come up with a song. They wrote and performed Eye of The Tiger. Wow.

I've had people tell me this feature is too long each week. If you are still reading, thank you.

I guess Forest Fair Mall has been shutdown and will be demolished? Remember a sports clothing store called Steve & Barry's? They opened the first one in Ohio there in the late 90s'? I did a couple of station appearances there. Didn't they have a ton of team stuff at really low prices? Like pleather team jackets?

It's still hard to believe my school, Butler, went to back-to-back Final Fours and national championship games in CBB.

Any long time listeners remember 'Grand Slam Baseball', 'I Believe Wednesday' and 'Tee 'Em Up Tuesday'?

Army vs Navy remains unchecked on my Bucket List of sporting events to attend in person.

Croatia beating Brazil on PK's today was absolute high drama and great sports theatre.

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