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Taking nominations: 2022 Greater Cincinnati Sportsperson of the Year

2022 Greater Cincinnati Sportsperson of the Year: 

We have named a Greater Cincinnati Sportsperson of the Year each year since 2014. The criteria for the award is based on on-field performance, off-field actions, community impact and involvement. Candidates can range from players, coaches, managers, administrators and individuals at the high school, college pro level and beyond.

Each year I accept nominations from listeners. A committee, made up of longtime Cincinnati residents involved on many different levels of Cincinnati sports over the years, makes the final decision. I don't have a say in the selection.

Please email your nomination for 2022 with the reason for your nomination:

Previous winners:

2014: Teddy Kremer

2015: Lauren Hill

2016: Jeff Berding

2017: Super Bubz and Joey Votto

2018: FC Cincinnati

2019: Rose Lavelle

2020: Joe Burrow

2021: Luke Fickell


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