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My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, movies, food, life.......

My Random Thoughts

Things that pop into my head, from sports, TV, movies, music, food, life.......

Ever notice Wes Miller has almost as many people on his coaching/support staff (13) as he does players (15)?

The Reds do stuff like Redsfest so well. If only……..

Oh, the amount of time fans spent talking about Deion Sanders…vs the fact not a single person I talked to at UC ever mentioned his name.

It was clear talking to Tyler Stephenson that catching isn’t just what he does… is who he is. Make no mistake about his position. He’s a catcher.

Luke Fickell wasn’t going to let his star dim for a second consecutive year. It was going to dim again next season in the Big 12.

Think MLB isn’t printing money? The Rangers gave Jacob deGrom 5-years $185M…. a 35-year old that pitched a total of 224 innings the last three seasons.

We are watching The Voice. I blame Kelly.

It wasn’t just what Eric Davis said about Elly De La Cruz, it was the fact he said it so calmly and smoothly. It wasn’t hype.

I’d make autographs opportunities for kids only at Redsfest

We’ve been to Narrow Path Brewing twice. I think it’s our favorite of the 53 breweries we’ve visited within 50 miles of home. The depth and quality of their beer selections is off the charts. Great staff. J’s Fish Tacos food truck is excellent. And we loved the Beer Garden Dome.

What was TCU Coach Sonny Dykes doing in OT?

I stopped on a Few Good Men while channel surfing last week. Man, what writing, what a movie, a cast….Nicholson, Cruise, Moore, Sutherland, Bacon, Gooding Jr., Pollack, Wyle, Molina, Walsh…are you kidding me?

Twitter can suck. No doubt. But pick who you want to follow and use it was a news feed. News is going there first.

I was struck by Jonathan India’s answer to my question about friends/teammates being traded. The look of pain/disappointment on his face was very real and telling.

Any time Dabo Swinney loses is a good day.

Talking to Lou Anarumo each week on Bengals Line makes it easy to understand why his guys love playing for him. I hope you can at least catch the podcast.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. My time is valuable. I wish people would get to their episode and cut out the B.S. leading up to the start of their episode.

Even at age 60, Eric Davis remains the coolest guy in the room.

The Wasabi Bowl?

I'll never understand why we care if outsiders like/don't like Skyline Chili. I like it.

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