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This week's random thoughts: Sports, TV, music, movies, food, life.....

This week's random thoughts: Sports, TV, music, movies, food, life.....

Don't ever take Joe Burrow for granted. Appreciate all aspects of his game, leadership and sense of awareness. Imagine your NFL team with Zach Wilson at QB.

Food tip: Mama's on Main in Covington. The chicken parm is really good. The spaghetti and meatballs are out of this world.

This will sound like a criticism of the player, it's really not. But if we put together a list of all-time Cincinnati athletes with the biggest gap between the amount of 'fan love' they got and their actual on-field performance, Kyle Farmer would have a spot. That might be a topic some night.

The Steelers are such a cheap shot/dirty team....and yet the organization and Rooney Family are always held up as a pillar of the league.

We carved our Thanksgiving turkey with a GE electric carving knife that my mom and dad got as a wedding present. It was handed down to me. This was the 57th consecutive year of it carving a turkey!

If we are going to criticize Zac Taylor's play calling when the Bengals offense struggles, we should praise him when it scores 79 points and compiles 872 yards in back-to-back games without Ja'Marr Chase.

Tucker Barnhart back to the Reds makes a lot of sense. He's certainly better than the other six guys they ran out there not named Tyler Stephenson last year. And would be a big help to a young pitching staff.

The road construction that has turned the area around Mt. Zion road/I-71 into a slalom

Brian Kelly took over an LSU team that was a total mess last year (6-7) and has them 9-2, 1st in the SEC West and No. 5 in the CFB playoff rankings.

I don't know how writers do it. So few people seem to read anymore. Most seem content to read the headline or maybe skim a story.

Where are the shooters in CBB? The ultimate object is to put the ball in the basket. Do I sound like an old man yelling to get off my lawn?

I had hoped the animosity Reds fans feel towards ownership would shift to optimism and anticipation as they looked to 2023. It hasn't. It's bad. Fan feelings continue to be channeled towards making ownership pay.

I stumbled upon the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan while flipping channels. I've watched it several times over the years. Still, no words.

One of many differences in this Xavier basketball team is that they are only going to get better as the season goes on, due to coaching.

Charging hard up my list of word usage that bugs me: The word.........Look.

My high school journalism teacher wanted me to go to Indiana University and major in journalism. My radio teacher wanted me to go to Butler and major in broadcasting. I enjoy writing, but I love broadcasting.

How about the Cyclones? 10-1-0-1 on the season. 1st place in the Central Division and the ECHL's only unbeaten team on the road (0-5). Nearly 10,000 fans were on hand Tuesday night.

I'm not a fan of restaurants that put tables for two right next to each other. I don't want to hear the conversation next to me and I don't want the people next to us hearing mine.

I'll continue to say it, I really appreciate how many people catch up on my shows on their lunch-hour with the podcast. Thank you!

I've given new meaning to one-and-done. After my first Fowling toss was a 'Bonk', I didn't throw the rest of our visit to Fowling Warehouse. I think the best part of the video, is actually Kelly's reaction to my athletic feat. By the way, what a cool set-up Joe, Joey and the guys have there. Check it out.

If all talent was equal on teams and CBB was about X's & O's what would we think of John Calipari?

The Reds have such a gap between young arms at the ML level and young bats at the minor league level. Most of their position player prospects are at least another year away. They traded for 10 prospects at the deadline and only one went to Triple-A....Spencer Steer.

Remember what a powerhouse Miami Redhawks hockey was? From 1999-2019 under coach Rico Blasic they made 10 trips to the NCAA tournament, back-to-back Frozen Four appearances, a championship game appearance and won an averaged of 20 games a year. What happened? Was it the move to the National Collegiate Hockey Conference? Miami has one winning season in the last nine years. Blasi was fired in 2019, after one winning season in the first six seasons after the conference move. And what happened to Blasi? He's in his second season of transitioning St. Thomas' program to DI (5-44-1)?

Hey, how about the Carmel High School marching band appearing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade? Go Greyhounds. By the way, enrollment was 2,100 students when I graduated in 1984. It is now 5,400. Holy.

I was named after NFL WR Lance Alworth.

Sweet Potato Casserole should clearly be a more than a once-a-year thing.

A big thanks to everyone that has followed me over to Instagram! I'm @ lancecalister.

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