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Right now, the Bengals need their head coach/play caller more than they have ever needed him. We are about to find out if he's up to the task.

If Evan Prater wasn't a viable option at some point during the UCF game then I worry about the QB position for the Bearcats this year and next year.

I'm fine with the 'ghost runner' rule returning in 2023. It creates a sense of urgency. Nobody really likes sitting through extra innings. Although some people like to say they do.

Two of the 53 breweries we have visited around the area require you to hand over your credit card when you open a tab. I've left without my card at both spots and had to go back the next day.....

What an honor to meet Teddy Kremer and his family last week at the Nuxhall Miracle League Fields Miracle Ball. Teddy won the Nuxhall Humanitarian Award. I can't think of anyone that would be more deserving of the honor.

Three individuals in the Bengals organization have said something to me along these lines since MNF: ......'We have to stop falling back on the SB. That team isn't coming back. Last year was last year. This team isn't that team.......'

Big shout out to the 3rd shifters that listen to the podcast of my shows during the overnight hours. I had a listener tell me they listen in the warehouse and debate our topics during breaks. That's awesome.

I find an odd sense of joy and excitement when I walk up to be the only customer in line at my Kroger deli counter.

Hey, I'm not very good with doing the fancy stuff, but I'm on Instagram @ lancemcalister

I finally bought an electric lawn mower this year. Man, I don't miss messing with gas/oil. And, it's about 40 pounds lighter than my previous mower. I made the conversion to an electric leaf blower this week.

While I can't get worked up over who leads a 30-second pre-game Who Dey chant, the choice of Adam Jones as Ruler of the Jungle seems a curious one, at best. The Bengals have made 14 ruler selections since it started last year. There aren't plenty of former players ahead of Jones in the pecking order that are more deserving of the recognition/celebration?

Anyone else have a wife that isn't always specific when adding an item on the grocery list? I wind up texting her a photo of the item to confirm it is in fact the size/brand she needs.

Imagine the response if the Reds negotiated a stadium naming rights deal and got to keep all the money because it didn't reach the lease threshold of $60.5M required to share profits with Hamilton County taxpayers. And imagine, if three months after the deal, the Reds still hadn't revealed specifics of the deal. It's good to be king coming off a Super Bowl run.

Well, we've certainly seen everything the national media doubters/critics were saying about the Bengals in the offseason.

More and more NFL teams have come to the conclusion that a proven NFL player is much more valuable that the crapshoot of a draft pick. Five teams had already traded away their 1st round pick for next season.

The Bengals have the skill players to dictate to defenses what they are going to do. Zac Taylor has a frustrating tendency to bail on the game plan at the first sign of trouble. See MNF opening drive.

The Reds Hot Stove League Show returns Tuesday night at 6pm. What the heck are they going to talk about?

I wish lacrosse was popular when I was growing up. I think I would have played....and been pretty decent at it.

Did you ever have a Motorola sports pager? Man, the excitement of waiting for it to refresh with scoring updates.

Give Pro Football Focus credit, they filled a void. Nobody was trying to quantify performance of players beyond typical stats. Yet I still don't get how their graders assign performance ratings when they don't know what the play call/responsibilities were supposed to be on a given play. And how do you define the difference in performance between a 67.5 grade and a 59.8 grade for an OL?

I'm only a casual Nascar fan. But I still can't believe the video game like move by driver Ross Chastain last week at Martinsville.

Yellowstone returns November 13 with a 2-hour episode. Let's go!

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