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My random thoughts: Things that pop into my head

Let's not forget there's a lot of NFL teams that would give their soul for a WR duo like Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd.

The hour long in-studio interview I did with Brandon Saho this week certainly took me out of my comfort zone. But what a powerful story and message to get out.

I think it says a lot about Alex Cappa and the makeup of this Bengals team that Cappa publicly stated he hopes Pro Football Focus puts the sack that La'el Collins appeared to be responsible for vs the Falcons on him, citing he made the mistake that led to the sack.

Bronson Arroyo is one of the most down-to-earth athletes I've ever had the pleasure of talking with.

Like gelato? Check out Golden Gelato in Covington. We get three different flavored pints every few weeks. We open them and stand at our kitchen island with spoons and take a couple of bites each night. Tell Joe and Vanessa we said "hey!"

How far has UC football come and how high are expectations? The SMU win made the Bearcats bowl eligible.....Nobody said a peep about that.

Refreshing quote of great note from FC Cincinnati Co-CEO Jeff Berding talking about the club's ramp up to joining MLS on the
'That's So Cincinnati' Enquirer podcast with Sharon Coolidge: ""Sometimes when you do things too quickly, you screw up. And there's no question we screwed up the introduction."

Twitter allows you to mute specific words. Is there a TV remote that allows me to mute the word “right” when people use it to complete a statement? Stop saying that word!

The spotlight on Zac Taylor's play-calling and creativity just got a lot......a lot....... hotter. Let's see what he's got without Chase.

Doe Run Lake is 4.6 miles from our home in Independence. We visited for the 1st time last weekend after 20+ years. Fantastic. Moderate/easy hiking trail. About 3 miles around. #HiddenGem.

The chance of AJ Green returning to the Bengals is a large negative number.

How can Luke Fickell be so disciplined as a coach, yet have such an undisciplined team? 14 penalties for 128 vs SMU?....Most penalties and 2nd most penalty yards among 131 FBS D1 teams?

My favorite player and coach growing up are two of the more flawed sports figures of my lifetime, Pete Rose and Bob Knight.

Staggering thought No. 1: The Reds spent about $117M this season to lose 100 games.

Staggering thought No. 2: The Reds payroll will in all likelihood drop below $100M in 2023 and $43M of that will go to Joey Votto ($25M) and Mike Moustakas ($18M).

Can we just stop referencing a Win-Loss record for pitchers and QBs? Uggg!

If I'm Tee Higgins, I'm looking at the next 4-6 weeks as an audition to show everyone, including the Bengals, that I'm a No. 1 WR and worth No. 1 WR $.

I'd think the 'Bengals are done without Chase' narrative is a rather large chip to be hoisted onto the shoulder of everyone else in the organization.

I've never understand people that criticize the analysis by a former player because the player didn't have a great playing career. Example: Former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky. He is incredibly impressive in his ESPN analysis. Same with those that think a player had to be a career .300 hitter to be a good hitting coach.

I enjoyed talking with Cyclones coach Jason Payne and Justin Ray, coach of No. 2 ranked Thomas More men's basketball and Jeff Hans, coach of the No. 1 ranked Thomas More women on the show this week. I get the Bengals are Topic A. But I like mixing it up and occasionally turning the spotlight in different directions.

No Chase.....but still Higgins, Boyd......a franchise QB.....a 1,000 yard rusher.....a TE that's already topped his 2021 stats. ....and a Top 10 defense.

I've not done a show topic on the current Reds since the announcement of David Bell's return and changes on the coaching staff. That was almost a month ago.

I like watching golf. I've never developed the patience to play golf. I can't imagine spending 3+ hours being frustrated with what I'm doing. I'm also weird that I don't like people watching me while I play golf. Sounds like I'll never pick up the sports. That makes me sad.

I'd bet a decent sum of money that Cam-Taylor Britt starts opposite Chido on Monday night.

The UC football transition from Tommy Tuberville to Luke Fickell is one of greatest upgrades in Cincinnati sports history. There is not a bigger clown I've covered in the 25 years I've been back in town than Tuberville. Goof.

Coffee alert: We discovered the Kentucky Mountain Coffee Company, based in Paintsville, KY. We order it online. I highly recommend the Kentucky Mountain Whiskey, Bananas Foster and French Toast flavors, to name a few.

Bo Jackson is the largest 'larger than life' sports figure of my lifetime. I can't wait to read Jeff Perlman's new book: 'The Last Folk Hero: The Life and Myth of Bo Jackson.'

We are thinking about renting a place in Hocking Hills or French Lick, Indiana or Red River Gorge for the Bengals bye weekend. Got any recommendations at those spots?

Do you have a guest/topic to suggest for the show? Fire away:

Don't forget, I'm on Twitter and Instagram @ lancecalister

Sending up prayers for Kelly Brendel, wife of Chad Brendel (Bearcat Journal). She will be undergoing her second stem cell transplant in December.

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