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OTD1989: Listen when Macho Man Savage joined Marty and Joe

Listen: Marty and Joe with the Macho Man/Sept. 21, 1989

Randy Poffo was a Minor Leaguer player in the early '70s.

He hit .254 in four minor league seasons….the first three with the Cards organization and his final season with the Reds at A-Ball in Tampa in 1974. 

He became Randy 'Macho Man' of the greatest pro wrestlers who ever lived.

On Sept. 21, 1989, Savage was in town for a wrestling show at the then Riverfront Coliseum 

Marty and Joe invited Savage into the radio booth during an 11-7 loss to the Padres.

Macho Man was dressed in his full regalia of purple and gold tights with a crown on his head.

Fans at the game and Reds players noticed Savage was in the booth. They started pointing towards the Macho Man and cheering.

Eric Davis flexed his muscles at him. 

A furious Marge Schott wanted Savage off the air and sent a message to Brennaman via her nephew Stephen H. Schott. 

Brennaman reportedly fired back at Stephen: "Don't you ever try to intimidate me again. And if you have something to say, say it yourself!"

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