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Random thoughts

Offseason credibility check No. 1 for Reds will be Mike Moustakas. He's 34 and has averaged 61 games each of the last three seasons.
He can't stay healthy. He can't play. He's clearly has no business in a rebuild. They can't give him a spot in lineup or on roster. His $22M still on the books is a sunk cost ($18M 2023, $4M buyout 2024). Write the check. Move along.

When I watch reruns of Seinfeld I don't think it's as funny as I thought it was at the time.

For all Luke Fickell has done, why does UC football continue to be so undisciplined? UC penalties: 49 Opponent penalties: 25.

I'll be consistent with what I've said since McGwire/Sosa.......I would give HR ball No. 62 back to Aaron Judge. Not my accomplishment. I'd want to hand it back to him and offer him congrats. Whatever he chooses to do at that point is up to him.

The return of Yellowstone can't get here soon enough.

I get Reds fans are frustrated. I don't get those fans thinking ownership will never change and is doing same old, same old. Their approach at the trade deadline was unlike anything we've seen before from this franchise. Will it work? Can they develop those prospects. No idea. But their approach was a significant change in how they do things.

NFL TV pregame shows are absolutely unwatchable

If you are expecting the Reds to spend big money in free agency this year you are going to be disappointed. They will sign low level, one-year, prove it, warm bodied fillers, like Pham, Drury, Moran, Strickland, Minor. The Reds won't be ready to win in 2023. And most of their prospects won't be ready until at least 2024. Next season will once again be about development.

The Pied Piper Effect is serving Wes Miller and UC basketball well.

Kyle Farmer hit .255 with a .701 OPS and 90 OPS+ It feels like most fans believe he produced much more than that.

During Monday night's Bengals Line, safety Mike Thomas offered the most enjoyable interview I've had with a Cincinnati athlete in a long, long time. (Podcast available on this website).

Counting on Tejay Antone, Lucas Sims and Tony Santillan to be healthy in 2023 seems like a bad bet.

Since hitting 50 breweries within 50 miles of home, Kelly and I have added two new breweries: Barleycorn's Brewhouse (Wilder) and Lebanon Brewing Company. We are going to try to hit a 3rd new one this weekend: Moeller Brew Barn - Monroe. HERE is our updated list.

If this version of the Reds rebuild does not work..........

I think it's weird when people stick to an opinion despite facts to the contrary.

Offseason credibility check No. 2 for Reds: Aristides Aquino can make adjustments until the cows come home. He is what he is. Over the last three seasons he's hit .192 in 187 games with an OPS+ of 70. Stop it. Progress will have been made when the Reds have assembled enough talent to not need him.

I'm a big fan of Harry Styles. Man, does my family gives me a hard time for that.

I get a kick out of fans that want to rewrite history with Dusty Baker's time in Cincinnati. He took the best core of players the Reds have had since 1990 and was swept in the 2010 playoffs, blew a 2-0 lead coming home in 212, and finished 3rd and lost a Wild Card game in 2013. The fact the Reds have not won much since his firing doesn't make the decision wrong. Fans demanded more then. They demand more now. Remember, always try to measure up to the best, not down to just be better than the worst.

I need to do a better job of explaining that MLB's pitch clock is not going to take away from your game experience/lessen the value of your ticket purchase.
The pitch clock is simply going to eliminate dead time. Who would argue for more dead time? The pitch clock will cut the fat.

Does UC basketball have as many coaches/assistants on the staff as players on the roster?

What a turnaround by FC Cincinnati:
Last year 4 wins, 22 losses, 8 draws, 20 points, -37 goal differential
This year: 11 wins, 9 losses, 13 draws, 46 points, +5 goal differential.
Can't wait until Sunday at 2:30. #DecisionDay

The fact the Reds have lost 1M fans in attendance since 2015 should make the hair stand up on the necks of folks at GABP.

Bengals OC Brian Callahan is one of my favorite coaches/managers to interview, all-time. Open. Honest. Thoughtful. Insightful.

I have zero in interest in watching/listening to people make picks on games. And I'd certainly never pay for someone's picks on games.

I was late to the game on The Office. I watch it on Comedy Central every weekend. I think I have now watched all 201 episodes. My final one was Michael's business trip to Winnipeg.

I'd think Bob and Phil would like few things more than for fans to focus on David Bell this offseason. He's a shiny object to distract them.

As much as I love baseball, I'm looking forward to a regular Sports Talk show four nights a week, now. And, the return of the Friday night Off The Beaten Path topic.

I bet the Reds move weeknight start times back to 7:10 in 2023. Partly because games will be about 25-30 minutes shorter next season, partly because the sun field is unbearable and unfair to left-fielders at 6:40.

I really appreciate listeners that can't catch the show live, but catch up with the podcast. It makes my day when people tell me they listen to my shows/interviews at lunch, or while working out, etc. Thank you.

Among the biggest changes in what I enjoy as I've grown older: soccer, country music and watching games from the comfort of home vs being at the game.

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