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My random weekend thoughts (1)

Random thoughts, beyond the Bengals game:

The social media network of Bengals fans that has developed, and the level of passion and comradery created over the last year, is unlike anything I've ever seen.

FC Cincinnati coach Pat Noonan might give the best, most well thought out, informative and honest in-match and postgame comments of any coach I can think of.

Pat McAfee is an acquired taste that I am yet to acquire.

Lee Corso is a legend. Somebody needs to tell him it's time.

Score one for old school tickets to sporting events after UC's electronics debacle.

New rule: FBS football programs can no longer schedule FCS programs. Waste of time. Outrageous to charge fans full price.

I root for Jose Barrero. It's odd how many don't seem to root for him/have already given up on him.

The effort that local TV sports departments put into Friday night HS football coverage is pretty incredible.

How can a program like Notre Dame struggle to recruit high level QBs?

Nobody takes more pride in appearing detached from the world and life like CFB coaches. So dumb.

Any coach putting in 12-14-16 hour days and sleeping in their office is doing it wrong.

I wish sideline reporters would just ask coaches a question rather than leading up to a question with their own observations.

If I were the Reds I'd consider having each of their minor league teams play at GABP once next season. I'd do it as part of a Sunday doubleheader following the regular Reds game. Showcase the young talent to fans in Cincinnati. The Reds would have to compensate the minor league teams for giving up a home date and for travel.

Texas coach Steve Sarkisian earned what he got for settling for field goals: beat.

Aaron Rodgers on the field is pretty incredible. Aaron Rodgers off the field bores me. Yawn.

When did the phrase "there is only one right answer" become a thing?

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