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Moose packaged with Castillo? Stop it.

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The biggest asset the Cincinnati Reds have to deal at the deadline is Luis Castillo. He's the top pitcher on the market. It would make no sense whatsoever to try to include Mike Moustakas in a deal. Moose is still owed $30M. In order for another team to take on that money they are going to offer the Reds a lower quality of package for Castillo.

Why would any fan want to sacrifice the value of Castillo just to take money off the books of ownership?

1. The Reds would be lucky to get 50-cents on the dollar value in a package for Castillo if the other team was abscorbing $30M.

2. There is no reason to believe ownership will spend the $30M on talent if they moved Moose's money.

3. We saw the Reds have to include Jesse Winker in order for the Mariners to take the $30M left on the Eugenio Suarez deal.

4. The Reds have to hit a home run when they trade Castillo. Packaging Moose would automatically reduce the deal to a double, at the very best.

Don't worry about helping ownership and payroll.

Worry about improving the organization with as much talent as can be accumulated in a Castillo trade.

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