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It's happening, again. The emotional tug when it comes to trades.


Reading the Facebook comments from my Reds post last night there seems to be an emotional shift by fans on Luis Castillo.

Now it seems some fans DON'T want to trade him.

I thought we've been through this?

Castill will be 30 in December. The Reds control him through the 2023 season. They have the leverage of offering another team the services of arguably the top pitcher in the trade market for 1.5 seasons, thus being able to ask for maximum trade return.

Are fans now willing to give Castillo in the neighborhood of 6 years/$120M+ a year? On a team that is not ready to win and won't be until at least 2024?

I thought fans agreed that was not smart business, especially for a team in a smaller market?

I thought fans wanted the Reds have to be like the Rays and scout, draft, develop, use players and then trade them for more young talent to cycle through the system?

I thought fans despised big contracts given to the likes of Homer Bailey, Joey Votto, Mike Moustakas...especially big contracts to pitchers and especially to players 30+ years of age?

Did things change? Now I'm confused. Sounds like a good discussion.

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