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Reds: Failing vs market peers

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Reds and NL Central since 2006 when Bob Castellini took control (16 seasons + 2022)

We get caught up in MLB payroll disparity, TV money, market size and the 'woe is us' sense in a sport without a salary cap. Most understand the difficulty in the Reds going toe-to-toe vs the large market likes of the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, Phillies.

The problem is the Reds are not competing with/beating teams in similar market sizes in their own division...And it's not even close.

I put together a look at the Reds and NL Central since 2006 when Bob Castellini took control (16 seasons)


Metro Market Size: St. Louis 21, Cincinnati 30, Milwaukee 40

Nielsen DMA (Designated Market Area) rankings: St. Louis 23, Cincinnati 36, Milwaukee 37

Average yearly payroll

 $116.3M Cardinals (Highest of group 15 of 16 seasons)

$91.9M Reds (Higher than Brewers 8 of 16 seasons)

 $88.0M Brewers 

Average record/win %

88-74 Cardinals (.546)

83-79 Brewers (.512)

77-85 Reds (.478)

Winning seasons

15 Cardinals

10 Brewers

  5 Reds

Playoff appearances

10 Cardinals

 6 Brewers

 4 Reds

Division titles

6 Cardinals

3 Brewers

2 Reds 

Advancement to NLCS

5 Cardinals

2 Brewers

0 Reds

World Series titles

2 Cardinals

0 Brewers

0 Reds

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