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Reds: It's time to move on

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Shogo Akiyama has hit .224-.320-.274-.594 with 0 HR in 142 ML games and 366 plate appearances.

He's been overpowered by ML pitching from jump. He is owed $8M this season, the final season of his 3-year/$21M deal.

Among 8 OF roster candidates I'd rank him 8th: Pham, Senzel, Naquin, Fraley, Aquino, Schrock, Friedl, Akiyama.

Shogo's a sunk cost. The Reds could option him to Louisville, with his approval. But what purpose would that really serve?

The Reds should just bite the bullet and release him.

Hey, they tried. They expanded their global reach in scouting. They signed their first ever Japanese player. It just didn't work.

He arrived under difficult circumstances with the pandemic and the 60 game season.

His second season was disrupted by the horrific accident involving his wife. I feel badly for him and his family.

But it's time to cut losses and just move on.

The only thing worse than the contract would be saving a roster spot in an attempt to justify it.

Agree or disagree?

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