It's time to invoke my yearly Rule of Hope and Optimism with the Reds

The Reds have taken a beating from fans and media this offseason.​ ​More so than any offseason in recent memory. We have crushed them. It's certainly understandable.

The current vibe surrounding the Reds is a far cry from a year ago today when fans were with buzzing in anticipation of watching new guys Mike Moustakas,​ ​Nick Castellano and Shogo Akiyama and a team many were picking as the favorite in the NL Central.

It feels like the fan's return on their investment for suffering through with six straight losing seasons vanished in 22 scoreless postseason innings.

Five months later the Reds have slashed their payroll, reallocated their remaining funds, lost their Cy Young award winner and don't have a shortstop.​ ​As a result, they are a consensus pick to finish fourth in the division with a betting win total set at 79.5.​ ​Momentum is non-existent. Frustration is high. Apathy feels like it might be sinking in with some fans.​ ​Have no fear. I'm here. It's time to invoke my yearly Rule of Hope and Optimism.

I invoke this every year when the Reds and Bengals report to camp. And every year I get crushed for saying it.

If you can't find hope and optimism in your team at this time of year then you really should pick another team.

No harm. No foul. No questions asked. Sports are supposed to fun. Pick a team that makes you happy.

Life is too short. We are forced to deal with a lot of crap. Hope springs eternal at the start of spring training.​ ​I'm not choosing to be miserable and upset about the Reds. They have not lost a game in 2021.​ ​They might lose a lot of games, a lot. But this is our window for hope and optimism. Open it with me.

Suspend reality.



I certainly reserve the right to be critical of poor performance once the season begins.​ ​If the evidence confirms the Reds are a mess we'll say it. I'm not taking that away. That's part of being a fan.​ ​But I'll be damned if I'm not going to enjoy the return of Reds baseball while I can.​ ​Are you with me, or, are you going to push back for your right to be miserable over the February?

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