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Watch: Cincinnati sports figures in TV commercials. Is Joe Burrow next?

Cincinnati sports figures/commercials

Joe Burrow would seem like a logical candidate for local/national TV commercial endorsements.

What company wouldn't want Burrow representing them and promoting their product? He's articulate. He's fun.

Burrow's Q rating (measurement of the familiarity and appeal of a celebrity) has to be off the charts.

From his national championship run at LSU, to his Heisman Trophy acceptance speech and his Super Bowl season performance, who doesn't know Burrow?

Think of the buzz created by Burrow wearing those Cartier glasses at his postgame news conference.....and his outfit at the Super Bowl.

Heck, I could make a case for CJ Uzomah doing TV spots. He's got a personality and knows how to promote.

I think Evan McPherson would be good.

That also got me thinking about Cincinnati sports figures that appeared in TV commercials over the years.

Here is a partial list I put together. How many of these do you remember? Email me YouTube videos you find:

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