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Listen: Marty and Joe call 1976 Reds vs 1927 Yankees

I stumbled upon this gem.

It's Marty and Joe calling a game created from the APBA board game and aired on 700 WLW during the strike of 1981.

Below is a portion of their call of the 1976 Reds vs 1927 Yankees.

Marty told me they recorded the games in the WLW Studios (downtown at the time on 4th street).

They recreated the following games: 1976 Reds vs 1927 Yankees, 1969 Mets vs 1979 Reds (Tom Seaver started for both teams), 1975 Reds vs 1972 Oakland A’s and a couple of others that Marty could not recall.

The matchup was first played using the board game APBA. It was a dice, board and player card game. I played it growing up. The Reds had a front office employee named Don Tecklenburg who played the game.

The Reds were looking for something creative to fill the void of baseball during the strike. So, Tecklenburg would play a five games series involving teams in the chosen matchup and then pick the game with the best results to broadcast.

He would hand Marty and Joe an 8x11 piece of paper with an inning by inning list of what happened in the simulation.

Marty and Joe then recreated the game on the air. Their broadcast included sound affects of the bat hitting ball and the crowd noise rising and falling based on the results. Reds public address announcer Paul Summerkamp announced the starting lineups. Marty called Sparky, who had been fired two years earlier, and recorded pre-game shows with him……Sparky talked about the matchup and pitching around Babe Ruth, but being aware of Gehrig.

In and around all the game action, Marty and Joe just made stuff up to enhance the broadcast. They kept score.

Marty told me he didn't recall them having to stop the recording at any point during the recreations. They recorded the games over a two week period.

Marty said he was "proud as hell” after listening to the games. The Reds sold cassettes of the games at one point.

Marty also related a classic story: In the Reds-Yankees game Bench hit a homerun off Waite Hoyt to tie the game and the Reds eventually won. Months later, Hoyt was at a funeral with Gordy Coleman and unloaded on him about that game. He said he would have never given up a homer to Bench or any other %$#@. 


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