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Watch this date 1989: Dibble and Reds brawl with Teufel and Mets

July 8, 1989/Shea Stadium

Mets 8 Reds 3

Attendance: 46,789

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The Mets led 8-0 in the 8th inning, having pounded out 16 hits. Rob Dibble wasn't pleased with how the Mets were approaching the finish to the game, telling reporters afterwards: 'When you are six runs ahead and steal second and third,'' Dibble said, ''that's not part of the game.''

Dibble had already allowed a double to Mets pitcher David Cone and a run scoring single to make it 7-0 when Teufel came to the plate.

Teufel had been 4-for-4 vs starter Tom Browning that afternoon. Dibble drilled Teufel between the No. 11 on the back of his uniform and it was on.

This was a good ole good one. Dibble and Teufel went toe-to-toe and were joined by everyone else on the diamond.

Teufel, Dibble, Mets infielder Juan Samuel and Reds reliever Norm Charlton were ejected.

Charlton and Samuel got into it on the field and then were prepared to throw down after the game:

New York Daily News: Charlton, in the Reds' clubhouse, apparently telephoned the Mets' clubhouse and challenged Samuel to renew their on-field scrap, during which Samuel clearly kicked at Charlton. Charlton supposedly called again and may even have called a third time before Darryl Strawberry, who had three hits before being replaced by a pinch runner in the fifth, grabbed the phone and said, "You want to meet somebody, come meet me."

Samuel said he and Strawberry went into the corridor under the stands. Heading toward them were Charlton and fellow pitchers Danny Jackson and Tom Browning, Saturday's starter. Security intervened, and the players apparently never got closer than 20 feet from each other.

"This is a post fight report, not a postgame report," Mets manager Davey Johnson said.

Highlights above from CNN and current Local 12 sports anchor Gary Miller:

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