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Determining the 'core' and 'fringe' of our college basketball talk

Determining the 'core' and 'fringe' of our college basketball conversation

I've always been interested in the discussion about CBB and which schools should be mentioned/discussed on Sports Talk.

Distance of the school from Cincinnati seems to be a consistent talking point and gauge. So, I pulled up Google Maps.

Distance in miles of D1 programs from downtown Cincinnati:


39 Miami

53 Dayton

61 Wright State

83 Kentucky

101 Louisville

105 Ball State

109 Ohio State

118 Butler

128 Indiana

155 Ohio

180 Purdue

Thoughts? What should the criteria be for core mentions/discussion on Sports Talk? Quality of team, distance, support, alums in area, number of calls, if we carry the games, other?

Which programs should be considered 'on the fringe' and at least worthy of occasional mention?

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