Lance McAlister

Lance McAlister

Lance McAlister covers everything in Cincinnati sports! Host of sports talk on Cincinnati News Radio 700WLW and ESPN 1530!Full Bio


Got an idea for our Off The Beaten Path topic?

Off The Beaten Path

Well, it looks like we'll have some room to do multiple Off The Beaten Path topics during the week.

We usually do the OTBP in the 8pm hour on Friday night's.

The idea is simple: We do a fun, light topic to get you thinking, spark memories, make you laugh.

The topics don't have to be limited to sports. I love ideas that come from a twist on a current event/newsmaker.

Topics can also involve TV, movies, music. I also love lists and anniversary moments.

Some of our favorites are:
Brushes With Sports/Celebrity Greatness
Tales From Baseball Card Collecting
Games We Played As Kids: A 4th of July week favorite
Best player/unit nicknames in sports history
TV show appearances by sports figures
Favorite movie quotes/scenes
The TV/movie car you'd like to own
TV/movie props you'd like to own
Classic commercial jingles
Classic commercial mascots
Best fictional athlete in a movie
One Hit Wonders
Memories of the Cincinnati Gardens

Email me your idea. If I use it I'll give you credit for it.

Email me:

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