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Tales from Sports Talk with Bob Trumpy

Re-posting from December of 2018

Tales from Sports Talk with Bob Trumpy

Bob Trumpy is a Bengals legend and four time Pro Bowl tight end. He was a longtime NFL analyst and broadcaster of multiple other sports for NBC. He's a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame as winner of the Pete Rozelle Award for excellence in broadcasting.

But I will always know him as The Godfather of Sports Talk.

I grew up listening to Trumpy on Sports Talk. I was 10 years old when he started the show in 1976. 

40+ years later I convinced him to sit down for a conversation about the early days of Sports Talk. 

I worked with Trumpy for a number of years on the Friday Bengals Pep Rally. I've interviewed him numerous times over the years. But I'd never had a chance to just talk with him about the early days of Sports Talk.

Our talk was gold! I have posted segments from that show.

Among topics covered:

How Hall of Fame Boston Celtic Bill Russell played a role in Trumpy starting Sports Talk.

Why 700 WLW rejected Trumpy's original proposal to start Sports Talk, leading him to WCKY.

Making the move from WCKY to WLW after three years.

The origin of his Hot Fudge Sundae bets.

The argument he had with Paul Brown that proved to be the tipping point of his broadcast career.

The night Trumpy helped a caller threatening suicide by keeping her on the air for over two hours until help could get to her.

Stories of guests including Bob Knight, Waite Hoyt, Gerry Faust and others.

It's a really, really cool conversation with The Godfather of Sports Talk.

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