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In honor of tonight's VP debate, the most debated Cincinnati sports topics

The debates

In the spirit of tonight's Vice Presidential Debate........

Who/what are the most debated Cincinnati Sports topics/figures over the last 30 years?

What have you gotten heated about, argued about around the water cooler, called about most often over the years?

Here is my list:

Pete Rose banishment/Hall of Fame status

Mike Brown ownership/GM

Joey Votto's contract/approach at plate

Batting order/lineup by Reds managers

Marvin Lewis tenure/playoff record

Carson Palmer retirement threat/trade

Andy Dalton's career/playoff record

Stadium deal for Bengals/Reds

Dusty Baker's tenure at Reds manager

Ken Griffey Jr's time in Cincinnati

Mick Cronin's offense/NCAA tournament performances

Bob Huggins firing/Nancy Zimpher

Homer Bailey contract

Reds rebuild

Adam Dunn's career with Reds

Billy Hamilton development/on-base percentage/bunting

Reds approach at the plate

FC Cincinnati interest/stadium site

What else? Join us in the discussion HERE

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