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I lost a bet...I wore a dress...I rode a tricycle

Me, a tricycle and a dress

It was March of 1998. I was hosting the 10am-1pm show on 1160 BOB. 

Say it with me, 'Turn Your Knob to Bob.'

We got into a discussion on the show about the NCAA tournament and bubble teams.

My Butler Bulldogs had won the Midwestern Collegiate Conference tournament to earn the automatic bid. There were questions about Illinois-Chicago (22-6) and Detroit Mercy (25-6) earning at-large bids.

I stated there was no way the MCC would get three teams in the tournament. 

I doubled down and said, "if the MCC gets three teams I'll ride a tricycle in a dress around Fountain Square.

Well, sure enough, UIC and Detroit Mercy earned at-large bids and the MCC got three bids to the NCAA tournament for the first time.

I remember going to Target and buying a dress and borrowing a tricycle from a neighbor.

Following the show I jumped in the station van, along with several people from the station, and we drove to Fountain Square at noon.

You can imagine the looks I got when the van doors flew open to reveal a guy in a dress, carrying a tricycle.

I did 10 laps around Fountain Square. I'll never forget two things.

1. The perplexed look on the face of a police officer as I completed the laps.

2. A guy wearing tattered clothes, with fingers cut out of his gloves, offering me a high-five upon completion of each of my 10 laps.


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