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This date 1988: Jordan vs Dominique/NBA Slam Dunk!

This date 1988: MJ vs Dominique/NBA Slam Dunk!

The 1988 NBA slam dunk contest featured Dominique Wilkins vs. Michael Jordan in the finals. 

The event is regarded as the greatest Slam Dunk Contest of All time. 

Michael Jordan took the crown with a perfect score of 50 on his final dunk and became the first back to back NBA slam dunk champion. 

The 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest featured:

Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls. Dominique Wilkins, Atlanta Hawks, Clyde Drexler, Portland Trailblazers, Otis Smith, Golden State Warriors, Jerome Kersey, Portland Trailblazers, Greg Anderson, San Antonio Spurs, Spud Webb, Atlanta Hawks. 

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