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Hey MLB, why go dark and where's the schedule release show?

MLB is games yesterday. Not games tonight. Why?

The game misses a golden marketing opportunity.

MLB could have played the Futures Game last night or tonight, after the current stars of the game came out this week. 

Fox could have spent three hours plugging the event during the MLB All-Star game, doing interviews with players during the game.

What a way to showcase/promote the future stars of the game.

Instead, MLB jammed the Futures Games into the Saturday night slot, crammed in with other MLB games AND held the draft Sunday night. 

Did you even know they played the Futures Game Saturday? Did you know Reds prospect Noelvi Marte started at 3B, hit 5th and scored a run?

The Futures Game should be a stand alone event.

It could be the kickoff to All-Star week on Sunday night....or the wrap-up event...... or placed in the middle of the events.

MLB could even start the All-Break break after having all teams play day games on Thursday:

Make it.........Friday night: Futures Game.....Friday Night Lights....the future stars come out! (also gives MLB All-Stars a travel day)

Saturday night: HR Derby

Sunday night: MLB All-Star Game

Monday night: Start of MLB Draft

Get back to the ML schedule starting Tuesday.

All players not in the MLB All-Star game would have five nights off (Thursday-Monday)

Bottom line: There has got to be a better way than how they do it now.

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