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How about this Reds HR Derby field last 40+ years?

Reds Home Run Derby: 1978-Present

Imagine if we could grab a time machine and stage a Home Run Derby involving Reds home run hitters of the last 40+ years?

We'd have the quick wrists of Eric Davis and George Foster. 

How about Dave Parker uncoiling at the plate and on his back heel? 

We'd have the brute strength of guys like Adam Dunn and Wily Mo Pena.

We can't forget the sweet swing of Jr.

Based on the most homers in a season since 1977, our list of entrants would include:

1-seed George Foster, 52 (1977) vs 8-seed Dave Parker, 34 (1985)

2-seed Adam Dunn, 46 (2004) vs 7-seed Todd Frazier, 35 (2015)

3-seed Gregg Vaughn, 45 (1999) vs 6-seed  Joey Votto, 37 (2010)

4-seed Ken Griffey Jr., 40 (2000) vs 5-seed Eric Davis, 37 (1987)

But think about the names that don't make that 8-man field. What if we expanded to a Sweet 16?

Wily Mo Pena, Jay Bruce, Kevin Mitchell, Jose Guillen......give me four more.

Who would you want to see?





Which Red had your favorite home run swing?

Who would be your No. 1 in picking a Reds HR Derby field?

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