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Remember when Chad and Collinsworth raced a horse?

Run, Chad, run!

Do you remember when Chad Johnson raced and beat a horse at River Downs on Belmont Stakes Day, June 9, 2007? 

It was a fundraiser for Feed the Children. Johnson, given a head start, sprinted one-sixteenth of a mile in 11.1 seconds to defeat Thoroughbred racehorse Restore the Roar.

The race took place before an estimated crowd of over 8,000 at River Downs.

Johnson wore specially designed Bengal silks that were auctioned off for $1,800 after the race. 

Remember this?

Cris Collinsworth also raced a horse for charity back in the 80's.

March 5, 1983: Cris Collinsworth vs. Mr. Hurry

The event took place at Latonia Race Course, known today as Turfway Park. 

Legendary Sports Talk host Andy Furman was the man who originated the idea.

From the Ledger Independent:

As the event was set in motion, Furman and Bengal execs did everything in their power to sway odds in their favor.

"They came up with this plan, but they didn't want to race just any horse. They had every intention of beating the horse," said Theodore Eyerman. "They wanted the worst horse they could find, and that was my father's horse, Mr. Hurry. He had run 100 times and hadn't won a race."

"The day came, Cris Collinsworth came in a big limousine with Playboy bunnies, and Mr. Hurry was pretty much the dog of everything," said Eyerman. 

"Collinsworth was picked to win."

The Latonia race was 41 yards long, with Collinsworth on a running track and Mr. Hurry on the LRC dirt track, both from a standing still position.

And it was no contest.

"Lo and behold, when they sprung the gate, it looked like someone shot that horse out of a cannon, it was the fastest he'd ever run," said Eyerman.

Ten years later, in 1993, Collinsworth raced Sir Trace at River Downs, and lost by a nose.

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