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Your nominations: Supreme Court of Sports

Friday's Off The Beaten Path: Supreme Court of Sports
President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch got me thinking about an Off The Beaten Path topic we did back in 2009. I brought it back this past Friday night. The creation of a Supreme Court of Sports (SCOS).

The idea is to assemble nine individuals that would oversee college and pro sports in our country:  

These nine individuals would guide, influence and impact the our sports.They would have jurisdiction of all aspects of sports, from TV deals, discipline, labor issues and rules to marketing and more. They would have final say in all aspects of our pro and college sports, replacing the individual league commissioners.

Who would we want and why? What should the makeup/background of this group include?

Should this group include any of the following?Current/former players coaches and managers, front office executives, owners, agents, media members.

Here are the 27 names that received the most nominations Friday night by calls, emails, Tweets and Facebook posts:

Anthony Munoz, Cal Ripken, Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, Bob Costas, Joe Gibbs, Dr. James AndresLeBron James, Serena Williams, Jay Bilas, Reggie Williams, Bob Knight, Dana White, Phil Knight, Herm Edwards, Condoleezza Rice, Joe Torre, Steve Young, Jeff Gordon, Mark Cuban, Bill Parcells, Magic Johnson, Alan Page, Vin Scully, Marty Brennaman, Charles Barkley, Val Ackerman.

We need to cut that list to nine. Who are you nine selections for this list? 

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