Ohio Town Crowned The 'Coolest Small Town' In The State

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images

You may think that big cities are the height of cool and have the most opportunities for exciting experiences, but you can find some of that magic and even more in smaller cities hidden away from a bustling metropolis. Fortunately for those in Ohio, the state has plenty of both!

Far & Wide compiled a list of the "coolest small town" in each state, basing its picks on various sources and travel sites like U.S. News & World Report, Reader's Digest and The Travel Channel. According to the site, the best small town in all of Ohio is Marietta, a town along the West Virginia border settled in 1788 that has a population around 13,400.

Here's what makes the town so special:

"Pioneers first settled Marietta in southeastern Ohio in the late 1700s. Overlooking the Ohio River and West Virginia's Williamstown, the town honors its early American history with a number of museums, as well as the Mound Cemetery, the final resting place for heroes of the American Revolution."

See more of the best small towns around the country by checking out the full list at Far & Wide. You can also see our previous coverage of the coolest city in the state to see what a bigger city has to offer.

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