Report of School Shooter at Princeton High School was a hoax.

All clear at Princeton High School.

Students dismissed early Friday after a security scare. Someone called 911 to say that there was an active shooter in the building off Chester Road in Sharonville and police officers from all over the area started a massive response. Sharonville Police Lt Walt Cordes says six teams of officers went room to room through the building checking every room and every student was accounted for and determined to be safe.

Lt Cordes says this appears to be part of a national hoax with similiar calls made reporting the same thing happening at other schools in Ohio. Cordes says police will be working with those other departments to try and find whoever made the threat, "we will work with whatever agencies are out there to figure out where this happened because this is a major disruption and frustrates a lot of us and we want to make sure that someone is held accountable for it". State Rep Thomas Hall is disturbed by the growing number of threats being made against schools in Ohio and is going to propose tougher penalties for those who engage in swatting/shooter hoaxes, he will be Scott Sloans guest Monday morning at 9:06 on Newsradio 700 WLW.

As news of the possible threat spread, relatives started heading to the school and were diverted to Vineyard Church nearby to wait for word on what was happening. One grandmother tells our Sandy Collins that she was "all shook up" until she got a text from the girl telling her she was OK.

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