The Best UFO Image Ever Captured?

Back in 1990 two men were enjoying a hike when they saw something out of this world - a diamond-shaped craft hovering over the Scottish countryside. The UFO was metallic, 100ft across and made a low humming sound as it passed over them. The UFO was there for about 10 minutes before fighter jets from the Royal Air Force intercepted the object, the jet circled once then the UFO sped off at a high rate of speed.

Luckily, the hikers got some pictures of the interaction before the craft vanished. They gave the pictures to the Scottish newspaper The Daily Record to publish. The paper sent the photos the Ministry of Defense and shocker, the photos and negatives disappeared. Until now.

After three decades the photos have resurfaced thanks to a leak at the Ministry of Defense - get the full story below.

An American F-22 Raptor chasing a larger UFO in American airspace.

Photo: Getty Images

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