New Bridge Over Ohio Will Not Be as Wide

The new companion bridge that will be built along side the Brent Spence over the Ohio River will be about half the size of the original that was proposed ten years ago.

The Governors of Ohio and Kentucky announcing that the new design significantly reduces the impact on surrounding properties.

Instead of being 150 feet wide, the new bridge will be 84 feet across with 12 foot shoulders on both sides.

The new bridge will be used for I-71 and 75 traffic, while the existing Brent Spence will be used only for traffic coming into Covington and downtown CIncinnati.

The new bridge would be a double decker like the Brent Spence with five lanes of traffic on top and bottom

Three lanes would be used for 75 and two for 71.

Northbound traffic would use the upper deck with southbound traffic below.

Federal grants are being sought to cover most of the cost of the $2.5 billion dollar project, they hope to break ground next year with the new bridge opening in 2028.

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