The Shipwreck That Inspired "Goonies" Has Been Found in Oregon

Researchers in Oregon have discovered part of the real “pirate” ship that inspired the movie “Goonies” - National Geographic is reporting that state officials confirmed that timbers from the shipwreck of the 17th-century Spanish galleon were found in sea caves earlier this week. The legends surrounding the galleon Santo Cristo de Burgos and it's demise on the rocky coasts of Oregon inspired Steve Spielberg to create the 1985 cult classic "Goonies" after he read an article on the wreck.

As for the wreck itself, there wasn't gold on the ship but goods. Mainly Chinese silk, porcelain, and beeswax. Santo Cristo de Burgos was blown off course during a storm in 1693 while returning to Mexico from China. Native American tribes have told stories for centuries of a strange ship with strange men wrecking on the coast, this discovery proves those stories are somewhat accurate. Beeswax floated onto the beaches for years following the ship's disappearance, earning it the name "Beeswax Wreck" locally. Native legend also says that at least some of the men made it to shore alive following the wreck. Read more here...

Large stern section of an underwater shipwreck

Photo: Getty Images

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