Video Shows Dump Truck Exploding On Ohio Highway

car on fire

Photo: Getty Images

Emergency vehicles raced to the scene in Summit County on Thursday morning to discover a dump-truck that continued to billow smoke and flames, destroyed on the side of the highway.

According to video footage reported on WBNS-TV, the dump-truck abruptly crashed into an ODOT vehicle that was parked on the side of the road. There was someone in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

“Our highway worker, better yet our brother, a husband, a father and a grandfather has suffered serious injuries. It is nothing short of a miracle that he survived,” Summit County deputy Gery Noirot told WBNS-TV.

In the video, viewers can see both vehicles on fire as they drift down the embankment and cars pull over to assist. WBNS-TV explained that the man in the ODOT vehicle had parked on the side of the highway to pick up some trash. Before he was even able to get out of the vehicle, the dump-truck crashed into him out of nowhere.

“Here's a guy doing his job…going above and beyond you know. Behind me is the result of that accident…” Noirot shared from the scene of the accident.

Both sustained life threatening injuries from the crash and are currently in the hospital. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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