CEO Spotlight featuring Rick and Eric Fehr of Richter & Phillips Jewelers

In 1981, after becoming a Graduate Gemologist, Fred Fehr Jr.’s son, Frederick W. Fehr, III (Rick) joined the staff at The Richter & Phillips Company. Upon hiring, Rick took over all diamond and gemstone purchasing and sales.

In 1990, Fred Fehr, Jr.’s other son, Arthur (Art) Fehr also joined the staff after becoming a Graduate Gemologist. Soon after, Rick & Art’s sister, Christy Vigil, joined the staff taking over inventory management, constantly adding new lines to our ever-growing collection.

Rounding out the true feeling of the family-owned business, Rick’s son, Eric (4th generation), has joined the line of Fehr’s at Richter & Phillips Jewelers. After studying and performing law for almost a decade, Eric decided to take a leap of faith and take on his family legacy. As of 2017, Eric is a Graduate Gemologist and currently serves as Richter & Phillips’ Vice President.

Today at Richter & Phillips Jewelers, you can find Rick, Eric, Christy, and Art Fehr busy at their desks or assisting customers in the showroom. And sometimes, you can still catch Fred Fehr Jr. plugging away at the mounds of paperwork in his office (or playing cards with his son’s in the back).

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