Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor Surprises Fans At Ohio Bar With Game Ball

Cincinnati Bengals v Las Vegas Raiders

Photo: Getty Images

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor surprised fans at an Ohio bar after their first playoff game win in 31 years.

After Saturday night's (January 15) win over the Las Vegas Raiders, Taylor and punter Kevin Huber stopped to surprise Bengal fans with a game ball.

According to ESPN, Taylor drives past Mt. Lookout Tavern on his way to and from work. The bar is packed with Bengal fans on busy nights, so he decided to bring them a game ball.

In a video taken by someone inside the bar, Taylor gives a short speech before handing off the ball for everyone to hold and take a picture with.

"This is the first of many playoff games we win here. It's a new tradition that we give a game ball to the fans. Pass it around, take selfies, but at the end of the night, this ball stays here at M'L'T's," Taylor shouted.

In Saturday's post-game news conference, Taylor said he wanted to start new traditions and share game balls with the fans.

"We want to start new traditions here with playoff wins, where we give game balls to the city and let the fans enjoy it, take selfies with it. Whatever it is. We'll figure out how we're gonna do that, disperse these things around. Where people treat their greatest moments tonight and get a chance to enjoy these balls with us."

The Bengals beat the Raiders Saturday 26-19, making that their first playoff win in 31 years.

They will now face off against the Tennessee Titans in the AFC divisional round on Saturday (January 22).

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